Stan's upcoming murder mystery series The Gloaming deserves a spot on your must-watch list.

Stan’s upcoming murder mystery series The Gloaming has a plot-line and a cast list that sounds like it’s been ripped straight from the pages of our TV dream journals.

Stan, Screen Tasmania and Screen Australia have all banded together to create The Gloaming, a brand-new eight-part premium drama, with celebrated show-runner Vicki Madden, known for the acclaimed series The Kettering Incident, at the helm.

The series will star Australian actress Emma Booth in the show’s lead role of Detective Molly McGee. Booth has made her name by starring in Aussie dramas such as ABC’s Glitch and in the international arena in the long-running fairy-tale drama Once Upon A Time, where she played season seven’s main villain, Mother Gothel.

Playing opposite her will be Ewen Leslie as Alex O’Connell, a fellow police officer who shares a tragic, but as yet unknown past, with Emma. As one of Australia’s most prominent actors, Leslie is known for his work on the harrowing drama  The Cry which aired on ABC this year and the SBS drama Safe Harbour. 

The Gloaming will drop onto our screens later this year on Stan, and until then we’ve only been given a brief teaser of how the plot will unfold. But from what we know so far, it sounds like it will tap into the deep and undying passion audiences have for crime based mystery dramas.

The plot of The Gloaming appears to set up the ultimate mystery with the series kicking off when an unidentified woman is brutally murdered and Molly and Alex have to put their own dark and personal past aside in order to find her killer.

Glitch star Emma Booth will star in new Stan series The Gloaming. Source: ABC.

From the first episode of the series it all starts out as quite a routine, if not violent, investigation. Yet the deeper Alex and Emma dive into the puzzling murder, the more suspicious all the details become, leading them to discover that a tangled web of both political corruption and disturbing occult practices could have all led to the death.

In order to catch the killer, Molly and Alex end up having to face the ghosts that linger in their own joint past.


But this new Stan series is not a straight-forward or by-the-numbers crime mystery, as details of the case lead Emma and Alex to the unsettled dead who linger in the very liminal space between light and dark, life and death — a place known as The Gloaming.

The Stan original series The Gloaming will build on the growing slate of Stan Originals already available to watch now on the streaming service.

The Gloaming will appeal to viewers who loved last year's Stan original series Bloom, which starred Jacki Weaver, Phoebe Tonkin and Ryan Corr, as it too was a mystery based drama with a supernatural bent to the storyline.

The series will sit alongside Stan's slate of original offerings including the Logie winner series Romper Stomper, the AACTA Award-winning and Logie Award-nominated drama series Wolf Creek and AACTA Award-winning and Logie Award-nominated comedy series No Activity.

The Gloaming will premiere on Stan this summer. Until then, feast your eyes on all the new TV shows and movies coming to Stan this month.

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