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A serious analysis: Are Sophie Monk and MAFS' Ryan Gallagher actually dating?

Rumour has it that Sophie Monk, Australia’s favourite chic-bogan heartthrob (and host of Love Island) and Ryan Gallagher from Married at First Sight are dating. In real life.

We have a lot of questions. Like how did they meet? Is there truth to this incredibly random web of information?

Here’s what (we think) we know:

  1. A very mysterious “insider” has told YahooBe that the couple has been in close contact while Sophie films Love Island in Spain. This “person” says that Ryan told them “he’s been dating Sophie Monk and that they’re official”.
  2. The same mysterious insider has said that the couple “talk for hours on the phone.” This sounds… random. And expensive.
  3. “Insider” has also said that radio presenter Jackie O set the pair up, which isn’t completely ridiculous.
  4. Last year, Ryan told The Fix that his dream girl is Sophie Monk. “I love a girl that’s just herself and who doesn’t have to wear makeup all the time,” he said.
  5. YahooBe reached out to Sophie Monk’s people who have said she isn’t dating anyone.
  6. Ryan has posted on his Instagram story COMPLETELY denying the story. “Sorry to break it but no we aren’t together we are just friends soph is an 11/10 and I’m a solid 2/10 on a good day. Those numbers don’t work. But thank you media it was a lovely thought,” he wrote.

So, um, WHO is the insider?

It could be Ryan’s mother trying to start a rumour with the hope it will turn into a reality. She knows he has a lil crush on her and who doesn’t want their son to end up with Australia’s most eligible bachelorette? I mean, we don’t blame her.

This insider could also be Ryan, who may have turned up to YahooBe with a fake moustache and a wig, and declared himself an insider in the hope that his dream could be a reality.

He then proceeds to post an Insta story denying the rumours, in the hope that Soph reaches out to him and suggests that they give it a crack when she’s home from sunny Spain.

Let’s not rule anything out.

Mamamia has reached out to Ryan Gallagher and Sophie Monk for comment.