Australia's getting Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise, and there's one major difference.

So, something bloody wonderful has happened in reality TV land.

Australia’s getting its very own versions of Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise next year.

Yep, that’s TWO groups of people much more attractive than us fighting it out looking for love on some tropical islands that we’ll probably never visit.

So, what’s actually the difference between the two shows, I hear you ask? And why do we need two of ’em? (Because they’re trash. Glorious, glorious trash).

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Well, basically one will involve a whole bunch of ex-bachelor/bachelorette rejects and one will, erm, involve a bunch of randoms… hot randoms… who definitely don’t want a career in the media (wink wink, nudge nudge).

Bachelor in Paradise is a spin-off of the USA’s Bachelor spin-off show (yep, that’s a lot of spin-offs) and it’s everything rose-themed dreams are made of.

The premise of Bachelor In Paradise is simple – put a whole group of rejected Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants on a tropical island and watch the drama sparks of love fly.

In each episode the bachie hopefuls will go on dates with each other and “explore their feelings” and then each week all the losers contestants who aren’t coupled up will be sent home.

But never fear, even more bachie rejects will be sent to the island throughout the series as “intruders” to make sure the drama never stops everyone has a chance at finding love.

Love Island is kind of the same thing but with randoms who haven’t already been on a reality TV show.

The show is basically the British version of Bachelor in Paradise – so it’s kind of like The Bachelor meets Geordie Shore meets Ex on the Beach meets eating a kebab at 2am while simultaneously peeing your pants a little.

The contestants also couple up and uncoupled/unloved contestants are sent home intermittently throughout the series.

And because it’s a British show they also complete a bunch of – quiet frankly – problematic challenges each episode for the chance to win… something?

“Come on Love Island” we said. “It’ll be glamorous” we said ???????? #LoveIsland”

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Anyhoo, the challenges usually involve rubbing their genitals in each other’s faces while they call out the answers to a quiz about the other person’s favourite food. Or jumping up and down on a balloon until it pops while they guess how many people each contestant has slept with. You know, normal quiz show stuff.

It’s kind of like a very ~ sexy time ~ Survivor.

Rumour has it Sophie Monk will be hosting the first series of Love Island… just to really confuse you.

So yeah… there’s a huge difference between the two show and we definitely need both of them. If only so we can feel better about ourselves and our own live choices.

Both Love Island and Bachelor in Paradise will be on our TV screens early next year. Hopefully not at the same time because we’re not that great at multi-tasking.

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