Sophia Grace and Rosie became overnight sensations. Here's where they are 9 years later.

To this day, a video of Sophia Grace and Rosie performing their energetic rendition of 'Super Bass' alongside Nicki Minaj on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is the talk show’s most viewed content on YouTube. More than 144 million people have watched it.

Sophia Grace and Rosie, then eight and five-years-old respectively, were dressed in pink fairy tutus when they captured the world’s hearts with their enthusiasm, innocence and insane talent.

The viral video saw the duo gain international fame: Sophia Grace known as the crazily gifted singer with a promising future, and her cousin, Rosie, as the fiercely loyal sidekick that every woman deserves.

Watch a snippet from the iconic episode below. Post continues below.

They appeared regularly on the talk show conducting red carpet interviews, taking trips to toy shops and performing covers of their latest favourite song.

Social media simply could not get enough of them. They even had their own kid's movie made in 2014, Sophia Grace and Rosie's Royal Adventure.

But eight years later, the two little girls are, well, no longer little girls.

Today, Sophia Grace is an 18-year-old teenager with 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Her social media feed is full of a) selfies b) peace signs and c) selfies. And her content has a distinct lack of a) pink fairy costumes b) ...cuteness, and c) ROSIE. Excuse us, but what happened to Rosie???


Sophia Grace has pursued her passion of singing and rapping, releasing a number of solo songs (as in, sans Rosie) over the past few years.

She is also a YouTuber, boasting over three million subscribers who view her beauty, lifestyle and singing content.

The 18-year-old has also launched her own clothing brand, LoLoLondon.

As for Rosie, who maybe just a little bit had her microphone turned off while performing with Sophia Grace, her transformation has been less... dramatic.

The 14-year-old now has more than 675,000 Instagram followers.


In recent years, the teen has recorded a number of songs and released a handful of music videos. (Who knew that Sophia Grace's sidekick could sing?)

Although Sophia Grace and Rose don't perform together anymore, the pair are often seen in photos together on Rosie's Instagram page.


Speaking to The Kyle and Jackie O Show on KIISFM, Rosie shared that the cousins have gone their "own way."

"Me and Sophia, we're cousins, and Sophia's gone her own way and I've gone my own way," she said.

When radio host Kyle Sandilands asked Rosie if the pair had "fallen out", Rosie insisted that they hadn't.

"We still see each other," she said.

"We haven't fallen out. We're like best friends, I see her all the time because she is my cousin. I see her on special occasions like birthdays."

Following the announcement that The Ellen DeGeneres Show is coming to an end following toxic workplace allegations that surfaced last year, the hosts asked Rosie what host Ellen DeGeneres was really like on the show.

"We never had any negative experiences; they were all positive," Rosie shared.

"Ellen and the crew, they treated us with respect, kindness and positivity," she added.

"They were always so nice to us. We never had any negative actions toward us."

Feature Image: Getty.

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