Remember YouTube stars Sophia Grace and Rosie? Here's where they are six years on.

Yesterday, as I was driving home on a cold winter’s night, a very pressing and important question popped into my mind.

“Yo, what’s up with Sophia Grace and Rosie?”

How are they? What are they up to? Is Rosie’s microphone still a little bit turned off? Does Sophia Grace still have more rhythm than my whole family, combined? Why isn’t she, like… Madonna yet? Do they still hang out with Ellen sometimes?

If you’re wondering “Umm, who the hell are you talking about?” let me assure you, you know them. 

Image via NBC.

Sophia Grace and Rosie, like all kids these days, were discovered on YouTube after their cover of Nicki Minaj's 'Super Bass' went viral. Actually, it went more than viral. Currently, that video of cousins Sophia Grace, 8, and Rosie, 5, standing in someone's house dressed in fairy princess costumes, singing into wands (because... obviously) has been viewed more than 52 million times.

One of those viewers, way back in 2011, was Ellen Degeneres.

LISTEN: What do kids want to be when they grow up? Well, a YouTuber of course. Post continues below. 

In October 2011 she had the two girls on her show to perform 'Super Bass' along Nicki Minaj herself and it was the greatest thing that ever happened in the history of television.

But when Ellen got to know the pair, she was overwhelmed.

She just could not deal with their cuteness levels. So she started inviting them on her show all the time and the whole world fell in love with Sophia Grace, who was insanely talented and definitely dragged Rosie along against her will to all their performances, and Rosie, who is absolutely an introvert and always stands about three steps behind Sophia miming to a song and wiggling her hips.

Ellen always stared at the girls like she couldn't quite believe it. Image via NBC.

They made the perfect duo. But has fame torn them apart, like the Gallagher brothers, or Angelia Jolie and her dad?

I started where any good researcher would: Insta.

Sophia Grace was easier to find which is a) to be expected and b) a little bit sad. She has 962K followers, and her bio reads "•14☁️ •smile✨ •Be you." followed by her publicists email.

This is... amazing.

Her photos depict a life of luxury, on horseback, travelling the world and on stage getting photos with fans. But... but...

Where the f*ck is Rosie. 

I had to scroll all the way down to November 2016, but it appears the pair are still very close, going out together on Halloween. PHEW.


In April of this year, Sophia Grace appeared on British panel show Loose Women, where she explained that she is far too old for tutu's now, and said she still has some pocket money left over from her Ellen days. Sophia Grace is also going to appear as a judge on ABC's upcoming show The Toy Box, and she's released an EP titled 'Hollywood', which I have no doubt is very good.

After some digging, I found Rosie McClelland's Instagram which made my week.

Rosie has 359K followers and her bio reads, I quote...

"Account controlled by Rosie's mom..." with links to all her other social channels. ROSIE YOU ARE THE BEST.

In March, Rosie, now 10, posted a video on YouTube (which was most definitely cleared with her mum first) where she addressed her absence from the spotlight.

Happy Independence Day ????

A post shared by Rosie McClelland (@rosiergm) on

"So I've been working real hard on my school work. My teachers are very happy with me. I got my handwriting license as well... Also, I took my prep test in piano and I passed and I'm very excited about that."


"I spend time every single day on my bars and my beam but my most exciting news right now is that I've got my first solo in my singing class at stage school and I'm really excited and really nervous at the same time," she continued.

In April, Rosie uploaded a video to YouTube of her singing 'Little Mix' and it's actually really good.

Goddamn I love Sophia Grace and Rosie.

You can listen to the latest episode of This Glorious Mess, here. 

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