Pregnant Big Brother star Skye Wheatley says she had a 'scare' during her ultrasound.

Big Brother star Skye Wheatley, who appeared in the series in 2014, has spoken out about a health scare she experienced during an ultrasound early in her pregnancy.

‘The [sonographer] couldn’t find the nasal bone of the baby… and that can be the first sign of Down syndrome,” the 24-year-old told NW Magazine.

But the Instagram influencer, who is pregnant with her boyfriend of eight months Lachlan Waugh, said the bone was present at the 12-week-scan, adding, “Everything is good and the baby is healthy”.

The young woman, who has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, was especially concerned about the development of her child since she was drinking alcohol every day on holiday before she found out she was pregnant.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, Skye announced the pregnancy in a touching post.


In the photo, Skye is sitting with her boyfriend Lachlan, while he holds her stomach. They are sitting either side of a baby balloon on a patio overflowing with houseplants.

“WE’RE PREGNANT. Couldn’t think of anything better than starting a family with this handsome man #14weekspregnant #14weeks3days #3monthspregnant,” she wrote.

It isn’t the first time that Skye has had a health scare. In 2015,  the reality TV star travelled to Bangkok hoping to receive a boob job that would ‘fix’ her asymmetrical breasts, which she was uncomfortable with.

While she was meant to go from one cup being an A and one a C, to two double D breasts, Skye came home with her breasts still lop-sided. She later opened up about travelling overseas to get cheaper cosmetic surgery.

“It’s not worth it, stay in Australia,” she told the Daily Mail. “Do your research, I wish I had done mine better.”

Despite a number of publicised cases of overseas surgery botches and a number of deaths in recent years, the rate of Australians travelling overseas for procedures is still on the rise.

Skye is due to give birth to her first child in December.