Skye Wheatley admits she rushed into breast augmentation surgery.

After undergoing breast augmentation surgery in Thailand, former Big Brother contestant Skye Wheatley has been left devastated by the results.

Making her way overseas earlier in the year, Wheatley says she was hoping surgery would allow for her breast sizes to be matched (one breast was an A cup and one was a C cup) and have her breasts brought closer together. But returning to Australia shortly after surgery, she says she came home with breasts that are still uneven and now lopsided.

Now the 22-year-old has said that her family begged her to think twice before going under the knife.

skye wheatley surgery

Before surgery (left) and after. Source: The Morning Show

Speaking to The Morning Show on Monday, Wheatley told hosts Larry Emdur and Kylie Gillies, "my mum begged me not to go. She was so stressed out. She said, "Skye, please don't go, just reconsider. Have it done here in Australia, just think about it," and that's what I didn't do."


"I jumped into it. I rushed into it because I thought, 'oh great, boobs!'" Wheatley continued, going on to say, "I just didn't think about it properly and I didn't do research."

Wheatley is now set to undergo more surgery. Source: Instagram

Despite a number of publicised cases of overseas surgery botches and a number of deaths in recent years, the rate of Australians travelling overseas for procedures is still on the rise.

Wheatley also shared that the surgeon of her original augmentation had offered reparative surgery, but for a hefty sum. 'They [the surgery] offered for me to come back, but they quoted me a ridiculous amount of money," she said.

Understandably, Wheatley - who is now a model - was less than thrilled at the idea of returning to the surgeon who had inflicted the damage in the first place.

Working it, no matter what. Source: Instagram

The surgery, however, is claiming that the botched look of the surgery is due to Wheatley removing her post-surgery compression bandages prematurely.

Irrespective of who is to blame in all of this, there is one important message. And that's to seriously consider who will be performing any surgery you're planning to have, and where it's set to be performed. Because with thousands of dollars in repair surgery now ahead of her, Skye's story goes to prove that cheaper in the short term doesn't always mean cheaper in the long term.