This is how much debt each SATC character would have been in by the end of the series.


Sex and the City… it was the iconic series that taught us about sexual liberation, female friendship and 90s fashion, but one area where it most definitely failed the ‘modern woman’ was in fiscal responsibility.

Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte were famed for their fancy dinners at trendy establishments, designer wardrobes and Manhattan real estate, but when you factor in the money in/money out equation of their bank accounts, the figures are extremely dire.

Now, UK telecommunications company, Giff Gaff has calculated exactly just how much in debt each character would have accrued by the end of six seasons and two films, and the figures are pretty bleak.

However Carrie – despite her running credit card debt and penchant for Manolo Blahniks – wasn’t even nearly the worst off.

The data was based on the gang’s expenditure on dining, rent, clothes, shopping, services (like Miranda’s housekeeper and Charlotte’s nanny) and one-off buys like real estate and vacations. Their average incomes were calculated by recruitment specialist, James Calder.

SO. DIRE. Image: Giff Gaff.

Although the figures are just estimates, and don't take into account how much the women's boyfriends and husbands would have contributed to their budgets, it goes to show how difficult it would be to live a SATC life on an actual New York budget, something the show has been criticised for.

Here's how each character fared.

Carrie: Closing balance -$162,662.97

Despite her credit card debt and shoe shopping addiction, Carrie wasn't as financially in the red as her friends. Although her weekly columns would have nowhere near covered her high-flying lifestyle, according to Giff Gaff this would have changed after she negotiated her $4.50/word writing job for Vogue and began getting book deals.

Although in season 4, she had to sell her engagement ring and borrow a sizeable amount from Charlotte to buy back her apartment from Aidan, her biggest financial dive was in the first SATC film when she has to pay for her 200+ guest wedding, which never happens, and she loses money on the sale of her Greenwich village apartment which falls through after she's left at the altar.


One of Carrie's most notable expenditures was her cigarette habit which totalled to $29,85.30 by the end of the show. She also acquired a pair of Fred Leighton Chandelier Earrings in season 4, which would have cost a cool $52,648.07. Then, of course, there were many, many pairs of designer shoes.


Samantha: Closing balance -$773,988.88

Out of the four women, it's Samantha's cheque book which is the most overdrawn.

Calder estimates her PR exec salary to be around $68,812.56 a year and yet her $7,000 a month Meatpacking District abode would have exceeded that by $84,000 a year. Then, when you add in her impeccably on-trend wardrobe (remember the Hermes Birkin bag?), plastic surgery procedures and luxe wining and dining, and you have a bank balance that is very much in the red.


Charlotte: Closing balance -$448,931.31

Known by her group as being a New York wasp, there is no way Charlotte's art dealer and curator salary could have possibly kept up with her expenses.

It's hinted that she might have received a lot of help from her possibly very wealthy family (this is never confirmed) but we're guessing money would have stopped being an issue after she married and then divorce Trey MacDougal. If you remember, Charlotte was able to keep their Park Avenue apartment as part of her divorce settlement and didn't go back to work after that.



Miranda: Carrie -$162,662.97

Out of the main characters, Miranda was the least in debt by the end of the show. But while she seemed to be the most responsible with her finances, her penchant for expensive real estate didn't compare to her salary. Giff Gaff estimates she would have been paid around $252,521.66 a year while she was a partner at her law firm, the Upper West Side apartment she purchases in Season 2 was also one of the most expensive in the entire show.

They've listed some of her notable expenditures as spending $28,210.60 spent for her housekeeper, $2,988.59 for couples therapy and $3.371.66 for her adult braces.


Were you surprised at just how much in debt each character would have been? Tell us in a comment below.

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