Scott Morrison spoke for 50 minutes about his 'climate plan'. He has only further confused the nation.

Today, Prime Minister Scott Morrison held a press conference regarding Australia’s position on climate change and the aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

It went for 50 minutes.

And yet, many of us still remain just as confused as ever when it comes to what exactly Morrison’s climate change plan entails.

Simply put: what the heck was he on about?

Watch: kids share their thoughts on climate change. Post continues below.

Video via Mamamia.

The ‘plan’ was released ahead of the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow happening next week. 

It’s been reported that Morrison’s reluctance to attend the annual meeting for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change boils down to his government’s lack of consensus on an emissions reduction target.

Amid the climate wars within the Coalition, Morrison’s announced that more than $20 billion would be invested into “low emissions technologies” by 2030.

The problem many are voicing however, is that the plan doesn’t yet come with any laws or policy changes. Even the actual details of the plan itself will not be released until a later unspecified date.


How reassuring.

And let’s just say, we aren’t the only ones trying to decipher the waffle.


Even better, today’s speech transcript from Morrison and Angus Taylor, the Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, has the word ‘plan’ in it 101 times according to journalist Katina Curtis.

And my goodness, it’s a lot of references to a plan when no one in fact knows what this plan is other than perhaps Morrison himself.


So what exactly is the 'plan'?

Australia is essentially going to rely on technologies that don’t yet exist to achieve the government’s pledge for net zero emissions by 2050. 

“It’s not a plan at any cost. There are no blank checks here, it will not shut down our coal production and exports,” Morrison said.

“It will not cost jobs in either farming, mining or gas, because what we’re doing with this plan is positive things. It will not increase energy bills. It’s not a revolution but a careful evolution.”

The concern from climate experts however, is that real revolution is needed: not just “careful evolution”.

“Today, the Federal Government finally announced a #NetZero by 2050 target, but without plans to deeply cut emissions this decade, this target is meaningless,” The Climate Council said in a public statement. 


“Even after this announcement, including a new forecast for where Australia's emissions will be in 2030, Australia remains dead last among comparable nations on climate action.”

The ultimate concern we have: with short term goals and a lack of legislation and policy decisions on the cards, is progress really in sight? 

You can watch Morrison’s press conference here, if you would like to try to figure out what exactly the 'plan' is. If you do find out, please tell us. 

Feature Image: Getty + Mamamia

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