"I'm only here because my makeup is here." Sara's mind-boggling return on The Block.

After their dramatic walk-out on The Block, Sara and Hayden have spoken of why they’ve decided to return to the show for another week.

The 31-year-old Sydney flight attendant was clearly in a low mood after she and Hayden came last for the third week in a row, with Sara hiding in bed for the first half of Monday night’s episode.

“I’m only here because my makeup is here,” she said from under the doona.

Does Sara stay The Block 2018
Sara was evidently struggling the day after the master ensuite judging. Image: The Block.

The couple made the decision to stay for their one-on-one consultation session with judge Shaynna Blaze, but threatened to leave once again if the master bedroom and wardrobe week doesn't go to plan.

“So I figure as much as I am on the verge of leaving I will give it a go for one more week, get the advice from Shaynna,” she said.

“And then if we get hammered again I can’t do it to myself mentally so I will have to call it quits.”

However, when their fellow contestants went to visit their $75,000 loosing bathroom, they weren't convinced with the space either.

Hans criticised the 'sloppy' tile-work of the herringbone tiling and the placement of their toilet, which was visible from the bathroom entrance.

"I can see this workmanship here is pretty crap," said Courtney, with couple Spency and Kerry noticing the issue as well.

"That there is not real flash. That’s shocking that,” he said.

Does Sara stay The Block 2018
Several couples noticed the issues with the tile work. Image: The Block.

Similarly, ex-netball champions Bianca and Carla agreed with the judges and complained about the bathroom lighting.

"I find this too busy and dark, and I like dark," said Carla.

Speaking exclusively to TV Week, Sara said the judging "ripped [her] heart out" and at the time of her walk-out, her full intention was to leave the show and return to her daughter.

"I'd got to the point where if I'm going to be constantly insulted on national TV, I'd rather spend time with my family and daughter," she said.

Instead, she said they had to be convinced by producers to stay on the show, even though they were hesitant.

"All our stuff was there," she explained. "We had nothing with us. But when we returned, I told the producers I didn't want to talk to anyone.

"To be honest, the way I was feeling the night of the reveal and the morning after the reveals, I just wasn't interested."


Watching from home, viewers weren't happy with the extra assistance given to the couple just because of their tantrums and threats.

They compared Sara and Hayden's situation to couples in previous season who also received negative feedback.

Here's what they had to say:




Do you think Sara and Hayden are receiving special treatment for their dramatic behaviour, or are the judges being too harsh? Tell us in a comment.