"Villain" Sara was just caught red-handed breaking The Block's most important rule.

Put down the hammers pls.

We have a Block cheatin’ scandal on our hands, people.

You see, on Monday night’s episode Sara Vale did something a lil’ bit naughty.

While shopping for carpet for the spare room, she called an external designer for advice.

That’s a big Block no-no.

Block contestants are not allowed to consult with external designers at any point throughout the competition.

Anywho, Sara was right in the middle of what will now by referred to as #CarpetGate, when fellow contestant Jess Eva stumbled into the same store.

“So, Sara was picking out her carpet but she was FaceTiming someone,” she told the camera.

“The lady [on FaceTime] was helping her pick out her carpets and telling her, ‘Put some blue cushions there’ – I was like, ‘You beauty, I didn’t know we could do that!’. But it turns out we can’t.”

To remind us that Scotty Cam is always, always watching, The Block rules then appeared on screen with the top one reading, “No help from any outside designer”.

When she returned to the Gatwick, a producer asked Sara about the phone call. The flight attendant brushed off the accusation, claiming she must have been speaking to her husband, Hayden, or her “wallpaper lady”. Then she didn’t, erm, buy any wallpaper.





Jess then spoke to fellow contestants Carla Dziwoki and Bianca Chatfield, who agreed that Sara had technically “cheated”.

She didn’t take it any further though because she thought Sara had already had a tough week.

“They’ve had a really crappy week where their confidence has been ripped from them,” she told the camera.