The 'shirt sandwich theory' is the best hack for getting dressed in the morning.

Ever have those days when a clothing item you've always loved and reached for just... falls flat? Suddenly, you find yourself struggling to style it, and no matter how hard you try, you can't recreate the vision you have in your head. 

In comes the shirt sandwich theory. (If you've clicked on this page looking for mayonnaise alternatives, then sorry to disappoint, because you won't find that here).

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Sometimes it doesn't matter how many Pinterest photos or TikTok videos you have saved, sometimes an outfit just doesn't feel right on you. 

The shirt sandwich theory — a layering technique consisting of three pieces with one typically being a lightweight knit — sounds a bit insane but the results are epic if done right.

Sandwich dressing is also a great way to make the most out of your wardrobe, even the pieces you hardly find yourself wearing. Just try not to go overboard, otherwise you'll end up looking like this:

Joey is the true pioneer of sandwich dressing. Image: NBC.


An easy shirt sandwich outfit combo is a crewneck T-shirt styled under a polo button-down shirt with a V-neck jumper on top. Another is a blue poplin shirt, a silk scarf, a knit vest on top and a jacket to finish it off.

Are you understanding the vision? If you're still struggling to grasp the concept, then don't stress, because I've come up with four sandwich recipes for four everyday situations.

Work sandwich.

Image: The Iconic.


You can't go wrong with a classic shirt, cardigan and blazer combo. It's professional, cosy and comfortable. I also love pairing different shades of blue with grey. The darkness of the blazer will help elevate the outfit and make it look more expensive than it is.

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Pull&Bear Striped Poplin Shirt, $69.99.

Seed Heritage Merino Wool Pocket Cardigan, $149.95.

& Other Stories Oversized Pinstripe Blazer, $209.30.

Weekend sandwich.

Image: The Iconic.


Does this not look like an outfit the leading lady of a rom-com would wear? It's effortless, easy and the different textures help pull the look together. Oh, and half-zip jumpers are trending in case you didn't know. You can also remove the top layers if it gets too warm, which is always handy during Aussie winter.

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Atmos&Here Kate Wool Blend Turtle Neck Knit Jumper, $49.99.

Cotton On Luxe Collar Half Zip, $49.99.

Levi's 90s Trucker Jacket, $159.95.

Late-night sandwich.

Image: The Iconic.


Late-night dressing and black isn't the most groundbreaking combination, but there's a reason everyone gravitates towards the moody hue:  it's timeless. If you're following this outfit combo, wear an unbuttoned silk shirt over a lace cami so you don't cover the details. Then throw a leather blazer on top to add a bit more edge.

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Belle & Bloom Friday Nights Lace Cami, $79.95.

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Winter sandwich.

Image: The Iconic.


Winter fashion is all about layering, which let's be honest, can sometimes leave you feeling bulky and weighed down. The key to staying comfortable is pairing chunkier pieces with finer ones. If you take a look at the images above, the first layer in this formula is a fine knit, then the second is a thick cable-knit, and the third is a versatile trench that will help keep you dry. 

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