CULT BUY: The $30 fancy summer slides that are a dead ringer for an exxy designer pair.

Slides have officially taken over the world.

They’re everywhere.

Not the plastic slippery dips that gave you the worst electric shocks of your childhood, but the slip-on summer shoes.

There are so many slides on the market right now to choose from…

Jelly slides, 90s rubber slides, woven slides, straw wicker slides and fluffy pom pom slides, just to name a few.

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The thing about slides though is they can feel a bit… sloppy. Like you’re wearing a half step up from thongs but not quite sandals.

That’s why choosing a pair with a fancy detail will make you look and feel just dressed up enough for work, but casual enough for barbecues.

Speaking of fancy flats, these are the ones I’ll be wearing to death this summer.

They’re called the Rubi Frankey Fancy Crossover Slides and they’re $29.95 (or four payments of $7.49).

Fringe slides are popping up everywhere – this particular style is similar to a $120 Tony Bianco pair and these $265 Senso Belle Slides.


The cross over straps are universally flattering (they make my ankles look fair daintier than they are) and the all black sole will disguise any sweat stains and scuff marks, keeping them looking fresher for longer. (This style also came in tan but they’re sold out.)

The fringe detailing draws the eye down and makes me feel instantly put together. I’ve been wearing mine with high waisted midi skirts and summer wrap dresses, but the cool people of Instagram are wearing theirs with cut off denim skirts, linen shirts and culottes. Tres chic.

The fringing detail is just enough to feel dressed up. Image: The Iconic.
Here's a close up look. Image: The Iconic.
Here they are IRL. Image: Supplied.

The best bit? I can honestly say they don't rub.

When buying cheap flats, you always have to weigh up the cost versus risk of blisters. I'd say it's a 50/50 gamble - many a pair of affordable flats have been relegated to the shoe box under my bed because the memory of the blisters they gave me still sting.

Thankfully, these slides didn't let me down. After trekking The fringed cross over material is made from a stretchy woven fabric rather than a plastic, so when your feet get sweaty - which they inevitably will - you won't end up with those side of the foot blisters. Unless you're wearing them for 29 hours straight, I'm not sure any shoe can withstand that kind of pressure.

If you're not convinced or feel like you can't afford the risk, try rubbing a barrier cream like Neat Effect 3B Action Cream or a blister spray on the parts of your feet where the straps will sit.

If you're keen to have a look around at other fringed slides, check out the Dazie Francisco Slides ($29.95), Zara Fringed Slides ($49.95) and Kmart Slingback Sandals ($7).

All of these can slide on into our shopping carts whenever they please.

What shoes have you been eyeing off this summer? Tell us in the comments!