ROAD TEST: We tried the questionable heel hack that'll help you dance until your bedtime.


On the odd occasion in life, all the stars and planets and cups of coffee align and you stumble across something truly amazing.

For us, that occasion is right now because we unknowingly found ourselves with an unconventional high heel hack that will stop your feet from sharing your terrible, terrible dance moves with the world.

It involves two products you’ll find at your local chemist or pharmacy, and will set you back around $30-45.

Numbing cream and blister spray.

Speaking to Mamamia’s Executive Editor and beauty journo Leigh Campbell, Showpo Senior Digital Content Manager and You Beauty co-host Kelly McCarren shared the play-by-play of exactly how she used these two products to stop her feet from getting sore in high heels at a friend’s wedding recently.

You can listen to the segment on the You Beauty podcast below (it’s in the first few minutes). Post continues after audio.

At this point it’s extremely important for us to note that this is not how numbing cream was designed to be used. Before undertaking any kind of medical experiment like the one above, always consult your pharmacist or GP.

Back to Kelly’s experience, she sprayed Dermal Therapy Blistop ($5.49) on the tops of her feet where the strap normally butchers your toes, and a numbing cream to the bottoms of her feet.

“Holy hell, I danced as if I was 18 again all night long. It actually works. They didn’t hurt at all, and the bride’s poor feet were getting so sore, I was rubbing her feet with the numbing cream and she was dancing all night… what a good sister-in-law I am,” she said.

Again, this trick isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got the go-ahead and have been particularly victimised by high heels, this could be something to try for your next wedding/wine tour/hens party.

Is it questionable? Definitely. But kind of genius? Without a doubt.

Would you try this high heel hack? Let us know how you go in the comments!