"I was just gobsmacked": Robin Bailey on her engagement to partner Sean Pickwell.

Robin Bailey has announced her engagement to partner Sean Pickwell.

The Brisbane radio star surprised her co-stars Greg Marin and Lawrence Mooney with the news on Triple M’s Big Breakfast with Marto, Robin and The Moonman this morning.

The mother-of-three shared how Sean proposed on a whim while visiting Movie World on the Gold Coast with their children.

While the couple’s combined seven children were watching a car stunt show at the theme park, Sean popped the question on a park bench using his own pinky ring.

“We’re sitting out on a park bench… the sun’s out, it’s beautiful, I had my eyes shut and I’m just absorbing the moment listening to the cars and the kids. All of a sudden I hear a rustle, I turn around and there’s my big panda proposing,” she said.

“I was just gobsmacked, I don’t even think I said yes.”

The engagement was fairly unplanned, with Sean admitting he “just felt like the moment was right”, using his pinky ring as he hasn’t yet chosen a ring for his fiance.

Robin’s co-stars joked about how the couple’s family is becoming like The Brady Brunch.

The media personality has three children, Fin, 18, Lewin, 16, and Piper, 14, and her partner Sean has two children, 25-year-old daughter Ali and 21-year-old son Jamie.

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Prior to the engagement, Sean asked Robin’s sons for their permission.

“He had asked their permission three weeks ago, and Lewin apparently gave him a good run for his money,” she admitted on air.

The couple plan to marry later this year, on November 17 to coincide with Robin and Sean’s birthdays.

The pair first met over 25 years ago when Pickwell was Bailey’s boss in a former radio gig. They later bumped into each other at an industry event in late 2015.

“I think I just needed someone to give a shit. For me. And he absolutely does. He is such a kind, kind lovely man. He doesn’t interfere in my life, but he gets it,” she told Mamamia’s Mia Freedman on No Filter.

Robin’s husband of 16 years Tony Smart died by suicide in 2014, after a long battle with depression.