Radio host Robin Bailey sends a heartfelt message to her male listeners about suicide.

In a moving radio segment, Robin Bailey has spoken about the factors that lead to men taking their own lives.

Bailey and her co-hosts Greg Martin and Ed Kavalee were discussing the death of former rugby union player Dan Vickerman on their Brisbane Triple M breakfast radio show on Monday morning.

Marto and Ed asked Bailey, whose husband Tony Smart died by suicide in 2014, for her insight into suicide among men.

“The suicide rate in Australia is one of the worst in the world,” she began.

Listen: Robin Bailey reflects on watching her kids deal with grief. (Post continues after audio.)

The mother-of-three said she’s often asked to speak about what leads to men’s suicide, and mentioned three factors that can contribute to the tragic decision.

“My first (factor) is shame. For Australian men, particularly, there’s this whole thing about being ashamed,” she said.

Bailey clarified that this was an internal shame some men felt — for instance, when they weren’t succeeding or meeting their own expectations.

“It’s not the shame that people put on you, it’s the shame that you feel within yourself.”

The second factor Bailey mentioned was “moments”, referring to author Celia Lashlie’s books about raising boys.

“Boys and men have moments, and in those moments they can do really stupid things… in a moment someone can think suicide is the answer,” she said.

Robin Bailey has spoken to Mia Freedman about losing her husband Tony. (Image: Mamamia.)

"(Celia) says that what you have to do with your young boys, and also our men, is you have to talk about [the fact] there will be better moments."

Bailey said she also believed that being unable to envision the consequences of suicide on those around them could contribute to a person's choice to end their life.

"I have to believe that if my husband Tony could have seen how much it has devastated his family he wouldn't have done it," she admitted.

The radio host suggested telling a partner or family member "how much I would shrivel up if you did this" might be a way to help them think differently.

Robin Bailey and Rebecca Sparrow share their thoughts on grief while recording The Well. (Image: supplied.)

The media personality has spoken previously about the devastating impact of husband's death on her life, and the lives of her three adolescent sons, most recently on the second anniversary of his death last September.

She urged listeners to have a conversation with anyone they suspect may be suffering from a mental health issue.

"Reach out to people. It could change someone's life."

If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, Mamamia urges you to contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.