10 ingenious proposal ideas that'll have your loved one saying "yes".

There comes a time in life where suddenly, things just make sense and you realise the person you’re madly in love with is someone you want to continue to be madly in love with for a long, long, long time. Like, a ‘til death do us part-length of time.

And so comes the all-important proposal.

While finding the right ring is a battle in and of itself, nailing the proposal is essential. Get it wrong and you could get a terrible answer in return. Get it right, and it’ll become family folklore for generations to come.

Here are 10 that have got our seal of approval:

Good boy!

Whether you love cats, dogs or even amphibians, pets can form a very important part of your life. Not only do they bring us endless love, joy and chewed carpets, they also often become like our children.

So making them a part of one of the most exciting moments you’ll ever experience only makes sense. It’s pretty simple – tie the ring box to Waffle’s collar, or change the collar tag to read ‘will you marry me?’, and send him on his way.

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How could they possibly say no? Source: iStock.

I suggest avoiding cats for ring-bearing purposes - they can be very difficult to work with.

Prank call.

Change your name in his or her phone to ‘will you marry me?’ and make that fateful call. Or better yet, Facetime them so you don’t miss the look on their mug!

Note: Just make sure you don’t call them at a time you know is likely inconvenient or unromantic for a marriage proposal, i.e. waiting in line at the post office.

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Same Kris, same. Source: Keeping up with the Kardashians.

A fortunate discovery.

Writing your proposal in the sand is so passé, so kick it up a notch and place a bottle on the beach.

When you ‘accidentally’ stumble across it, ask your curious partner to look inside and they’ll find ‘will you marry me’ scrawled on a note. By the time they turn around you’ll have dropped a knee. Who could ever say no?

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It's gonna be a yes from me. Source: New Line Cinema.

Pull a Patrick Dempsey.

If you haven’t seen Sweet Home Alabama, you should. Because it’s a very good (albeit slightly lame) movie.

It also features one killer proposal idea whereby heartthrob Patrick takes the ever-lovable Reese Witherspoon to a jewellery story and proposes right there, in a room full of potential engagement rings.


The only downfall of this kind of proposal is literally having to negotiate a budget so your beloved doesn’t pick the most expensive bling within reach.

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There are far worse places to propose than Tiffany's. Source: Touchstone Pictures.

Play a different game.

If you’re after the ‘rom-com’ proposal (without the cheese), why not propose over a game of Scrabble or Monopoly? Spell the words out on the board or custom print a playing card with your message for maximum impact.

If you want to get some loved ones involved try a ‘charades’ proposal – just make sure to pre-warn your more competitive friends…

Listen: Ask Bossy's advice to a woman who wants to propose to her boyfriend. (Post continues after audio.)

It’s all part of the routine.

A nice option if he or she prefers to keep things low-key.

Put the ring where she will see it as part of her daily routine, just make sure you’re there when she puts her rings on (e.g. first thing in the morning). Nothing worse than sleeping through your own proposal!

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Okay, she definitely found that ring. Source: Giphy.

The impromptu street proposal.

Music is the language of love. Or was that French?

Either way, suss out a busker to provide a little atmosphere by breaking into your SO’s favourite song as you walk by. Ask your enlisted busker-of-love to cleverly incorporate ‘will you marry me’ into the lyrics, and then pop the question.

Note: Make sure your busker has a clear cue so they know when to start — you don’t need to be coming up with excuses to keep them lingering. And don’t forget a little $$ for their help…

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The Gilmore Girls town troubadour is obviously a first preference. Source: Gilmore Girls.

Read between the lines.

If your SO is a book worm, why not propose via literature?

Either write your proposal on the last page earmarked or tie the ring to whatever bookmark they’re using. While not everyone reads Shakespeare on a regular basis, perhaps save this one for a ‘happy’ book (I.e. not if he or she is halfway through ‘American Psycho’).

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It's a good time to be in love. Source: Daria.

Not your average advent calendar.

For the seasonal proposal, don’t just pop the question under the mistletoe on Christmas Eve. Get creative! Buy a Christmas advent calendar for each of you and pick a good date for the big ring reveal. Make it a little ritual to open them each day together and wait for that Christmas miracle to arrive. (Post continues after gallery.)

While you were sleeping.

If your betrothed is a heavy sleeper, why not pop the ring onto their finger while they catch some Z’s? Seriously, imagine waking up to a surprise engagement ring on your hand?!

This can be an extra intimate option too, as you both snuggle under the covers and, you know… just love each other.

best proposal stories
There's nothing like waking up engaged. Source: Disney.

What's the best proposal story you've ever heard?