Feeling unsure about your relationship? Here are 5 questions to ask yourself.

2023 has been dubbed 'the breakup year' to end all years. Many of us have friends and relatives who have split — celebrities have also been filing for divorce in droves.

A video has gone viral on TikTok recently where it asks anyone who is questioning their relationship to answer five specific questions.

Inspired by Safe Soul Space, they are deep and honest — pushing you to acknowledge whether your relationship is right for you. 

Here are the five things to ask yourself if you're unsure about your relationship.

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Video via Mamamia. 

1. If someone told you that you're a lot like your partner, would this be a compliment to you?

Do you like the person they are and what they represent? Do their qualities and values reflect your own, and are those the attributes you wish others to see in you? 

It's a thought-teaser. 

2. Are you truly fulfilled, or just less lonely?

Sometimes a lot of us stay in relationships simply out of convenience. For others, the thought of being alone rather than in the consistent company of another person keeps us in a relationship that perhaps doesn't serve us. 

Couples counsellor Lissy Abrahams told Mamamia that this question can be related to whether you are being 'fake happy' or performative about your relationship.

"We use dissociation to move away from our upsetting or distressing feelings as we just can't deal with them in that moment," she said. 


3. Are you able to be unapologetically yourself or do you feel the need to show up differently to please your partner?

According to the experts, it's partners who are people pleasers that may struggle the most with being their authentic selves in front of their loved ones.

They tend to prioritise the needs and desires of others over their own, often at the expense of their own well-being. They may struggle to say no to requests or may feel a sense of guilt or anxiety when they do not meet the expectations of their romantic partner. 

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4. Are you in love with who your partner is right now as a whole, or are you only in love with their good side, their potential or the idea of them?

A lot of couples who divorce or separate say that one of the biggest factors in the breakup was how they each changed as individuals. 

None of us are the same person we were a decade ago — our interests evolve, and so do our values, interests and personalities. 

With this in mind, it's an interesting question to ask yourself: am I in love with the current version of my partner or the one I fell in love with all those years ago?

5. Would you want your future or imagined child to date someone like your partner?

Last but not least, this is another definitive prompt that delivers the necessary answers.

Of course, no one's partner is perfect. Everyone has their faults and quirks. But it's whether or not those attributes are deal breakers that will bring clarity. 

Yes, these five questions might make you consider moving on from your relationship. Or they might leave you feeling secure and confident in what you have. 

Either way, knowledge is certainly power.

Feature Image: TikTok.

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