'The Great Dumping': Why everyone is breaking up in 2023.

Bella Hadid. Ariana Grande. Sofia Vergara. Taylor Swift. 

Those are just a handful of the celebrities who have split from their partners in 2023.

But are we that surprised? Because from A-listers to my besties it feels like everyone is quietly uncoupling this year, and I don’t want to utter the word but could it be COVID adjacent?

"After life was taken away from us for two plus years, we’re really in the post-pandemic groove now," relationships expert Alina Rose told Mamamia

"We’ve forgotten what it’s like to wear masks and we’re travelling, we’re socialising and we’re dining out. And maybe – because we’ve realised the fullness of our lives – we’re realising that we have options as well and that we don’t need to cling on to this one person."

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The Great Dumping.

Remember the ‘great resignation’? Well, it’s now hit our love lives, according to Alina, because when we’re living our *best blessed lives* we’re not willing to compromise when who knows what’s around the corner?

"Maybe before, we would have thought that the relationship was okay," the certified life coach explained. "But now we’re getting this second lease on life where we know we could be happier and we're no longer willing to make any compromises, and it's reflected in this YOLO spirit.


"A relationship that’s right feels incredibly expansive and we’re more ourselves, whereas a relationship that’s wrong just starts to feel like a shoe that’s too tight. The blisters are rubbing, and you’ve walked a long way, and you just go 'nope.'"

She said it’s this "collective energy" going on that’s leading us "to be true to ourselves and wake up".

"This could be the wave of the next great resignation, where we are doing it in relationships because we’re finding our truth and reconnecting to our relationships with ourselves," Alina explained.


"When we’re compromising parts of who we are in a relationship, or the relationship has just outgrown us, our commitment is, first and foremost, to ourselves."

The Single Renaissance.

Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Because according to Alina, she’s got a sense that people who are going to be single are “going to be single for a very long time”.

"I think we're finding a time right now where people are going to stay single for a while, while they really discover what they want," she said. 

"So my next predicted trend is that we're actually going to be seeing a real spike in single people over the next few years. And that’s not a bad thing.

"It may lead to the 'great single renaissance' – a time when singles rule and take back their power."

How did we get here?

It comes down to permissiveness, Alina said, "given more terms like 'self-partnered', and 'choice'".

"What I mean by choice is that there are a lot of options. People are less willing to settle down due to dating apps and also because they just really want to stand on their own two feet."

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"Maybe in past relationships, they’ve realised that they’ve given their power away and lost their voice, so people are staying single longer to really make sure they’re their fullest person and can connect with someone out of a wholeness, rather than a codependence."


It’s this codependency that we really need to break up with, Alina told Mamamia, "and end the narrative that another person makes us complete".

Instead, another person "should expand on who we already are". 

"Every relationship is just a reflection of your relationship with yourself," the life coach said."So if you love being single and having fun on your own, you're going to meet someone who's there with you on that fun level and that pleasure level and that passion level.

"Whereas if you're just subconsciously wanting to get partnered because you think there is something wrong with you for being single, you’re going to repeat that pattern, and eventually find a shoe that's too tight and a relationship that doesn't meet your highest self."

Then when you do go into self-development work and find your passion, *boom*, you’ll find that you've outgrown the relationship... and probably break up anyway Alina said, because that person really didn’t match your true soul. They were just matching your wounds.

"Being single rocks," the relationships expert added. "It gives you so much freedom, it gives you so much choice, and our relationship with ourselves is the greatest relationship to have.

"Other people are just the cherry on top."

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