The 8 biggest revelations from Rebel Wilson's memoir.

Australian actor Rebel Wilson has dominated headlines over the past couple of weeks as she drip-fed parts of her upcoming memoir, Rebel Rising, to the media. 

Wilson's book isn't even available yet in Australia, and already some shocking revelations have come out. 

While the biggest scandals have centred around her celebrity call-outs, most notably her claims comedian Sasha Baron Cohen sexually harassed her during 2016 filming of The Brothers Grimsby — a claim he denies — there have been plenty of other tid-bits setting tongues wagging.

With the news that Rebel Rising's release has been indefinitely delayed in Australia, we've rounded up the book's biggest revelations.

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Rebel Wilson thinks Adele doesn't like her. 

In her memoir, Wilson says she believes Adele gave her the cold shoulder because she didn't like being mistaken for her. She admitted it was an assumption because she'd never actually asked.

"There was a moment when she was bigger, and some people would confuse us for one another. I'd be in England and people would come up and say, 'Oh, I love your new album,'" wrote Wilson.

"She always quickly turns away from me at the few events where I've seen her, as if my fatness might rub off on her if I were near her for more than thirty seconds."


Wilson wrote she believed Adele didn't like being compared to 'Fat Amy', which was Wilson's role in the Pitch Perfect movies.

Rebel Wilson lost her virginity in her 30s. 

After years of avoiding the subject, Wilson said she lost her virginity in her mid-30s, describing herself as a "late bloomer".

"Imagine how I'm going to look now that everyone knows I was cherry-popped at the ripe old age of 35," she wrote. Rebel admitted to feeling "terrified" by the prospect of physical intimacy. She attributes her mother's diagnosis with breast cancer for pushing her to "feel the fear and just do it."

She lost her virginity to American actor Mickey Gooch, who had no idea she was a virgin. 

"Micks, I know this might be news to you if you are reading this, but yes, I lost my virginity to you," she wrote.

But she didn't reach the Big O until she was almost 40, revealing she reached her first orgasm through self-pleasure at the age of 39. 

"I'd never really learned about orgasms," she wrote. "When I'd had sex over the past few years, I'd never really thought about my pleasure."

Rebel Wilson. Image: Getty.


Rebel Wilson had a complex relationship with her dad. 

In her book, Wilson alleged her father was abusive, and the family endured extreme anger and physical violence until her mother kicked him out. That was in 1997, with Wilson keeping her distance from her dad until he passed away in 2013, causing her to cry "like I've never cried before".

"Even though we had complicated feelings toward my father, it was so tragic. He'd literally just cleaned up his whole life, he was trying, and now he was dead." 

At his funeral, Wilson put a letter into her father's pocket, some of which she shares in her book. "May I take from you the good and learn from her mistakes," Wilson wrote in the letter. "I love you and I will truly miss you."

Rebel Wilson wasn't born with the name 'Rebel'. 

Rebel Wilson's legal name is in fact, Melanie Elizabeth Bownds. But she didn't come up with her own stage name. Her mother had apparently wanted to name her Rebel, but her dad wouldn't have it. She legally changed her name in 2002. 

Rebel Wilson on her sexuality: "labels are for packages."

Despite being engaged to a woman, Wilson says she doesn't think of herself as gay. 


"I don't really want to define myself. I know that can be confusing to some people because I am a woman in a relationship with another woman. I just believe that sexuality is much more nuanced and complicated than what society makes it out to be," she wrote.

For a long time, Wilson only dated men, ignoring the other side of her. "Sure, deep down inside I never thought I was 100 percent straight. But I never knew what to call that. I just ignored the not-straight part of me."

Still, she says labels "are for packages". 

Rebel Wilson and her partner Ramona Agruma in 2024. Image: Getty. 


How Rebel Wilson met her fiancé. 

While Wilson and Ramona Agruma's relationship was leaked amid controversy, their first meeting was anything but dramatic. The pair were introduced to each over text by a mutual friend. The kept in touch and began a long-distance relationship. 

According to Wilson, their first in-person date became hot and heavy fairly quickly. 

"We just ... connect," Wilson wrote. "Yes, I'm nervous, but it doesn't feel weird. It just feels beautiful. Ramona is my Disney princess. She's beautiful. She's heroic. She's smart. She's kind."

Wilson and Agruma became engaged at Disneyland in February 2023. 

Rebel Wilson's affair with a 'high-profile tennis player'.

When discussing her sexuality, Wilson reveals her first relationship with a woman was a high-profile tennis player, though she doesn't reveal who the woman is. 

Rebel Wilson's biggest movie earnings. 

In her book, Wilson reveals she earned just $3500 for her first big movie, Bridesmaids. But by the time she filmed Pitch Perfect 3, that figure jumped to $10 million. 

She doesn't hold any grudges over the small fee she received for Bridesmaids though, writing that it was the "first opportunity in Hollywood that changed the trajectory of my whole career".

The role enabled her to join the SAG-AFTRA union and continue working in Hollywood. Just six weeks after Bridesmaids, she was cast in six films, one of those being Pitch Perfect. "Boy, did that movie pay dividends!"

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