The 3 royal rules Donald Trump broke during his excruciating meeting with the Queen.


The British people are not very happy with President Donald Trump right now.

It’s understandable, no? The 72-year-old’s done some extremely crap things of late.

Threatening abortion rights. Separating small children from their families. Getting chummy with not one, but two evil dictators.

But above all else (well, above many things), there’s one atrocity the people of Britain cannot, will not stand for.

You simply do not mess with the Queen.

Of course, that’s exactly what Trump did when he and first lady Melania Trump met Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Saturday, the last of Trump’s official engagements during his visit to the United Kingdom.

Watch their awkward exchange below. Post continues after video.

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For the Brits, royal protocol is not something to be taken lightly, or in Trump’s case, ignored completely.

In typical style, he took a metaphorical chainsaw to it instead, failing to observe traditions during his brief meeting with Liz.


And boy, did the people notice.

Here’s a run down of the royal rules Trump broke when he met the Queen.

He was late.

This is just not on.

According to the BBC, those who meet with the Queen are expected to be on time.

Trump was not. He kept the 92-year-old waiting by herself, on stage for 15 bloody minutes. She was even seen checking her watch TWICE before the President finally arrived by helicopter.

So rude.


He didn’t bow his head.

Although it’s not a hard and fast rule, custom dictates one should bow their head or curtsey when greeting the Queen.


Trump and Melania did neither.


He turned his back on the Queen.

While inspecting the royal guard, Trump both walked ahead of the Queen and turned his back on her, both of which are considered rude and against protocol.

One Twitter user pointed out the whole exchange looked much like how the Queen might train one of her corgis to walk and come.



Then there’s the always hilarious comparisons between Trump and former US President Obama, who we remember fondly from happier times.

Trump’s meeting with the Queen lasted less than an hour. They shook hands, watched some planes and walked past some guards, then retired inside for tea precisely 10 minutes later.

Unfortunately, no cameras were allowed to capture those 20-ish minutes of what we assume was very awkward small talk and Donald drinking out of fine china.

Obama’s interactions with the Queen were vastly different.

When Barack met Liz. Image: Getty.

When the 56-year-old and former first lady Michelle Obama met the Queen in 2011, the couple actually spent the night at Buckingham Palace. They all got dressed up, Prince Philip too, and enjoyed a ritzy state dinner the Queen held in their honour.

Although the Trump administration were pleased with their President's royal meeting - Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the Queen showing him her guards was "one of the few if not the only times in over 70yrs, she has done so with a head of state" - people definitely noticed the differences.






Thankfully, the British people didn't just tweet about their disgust with Trump. They marched through the streets. The also blew up a giant Trump baby doll and sent it flying over the city.



Trump's visit with the Queen marks the end of his official duties in Britain.

CNN reports he'll now enjoy a weekend in Scotland before arriving in Helsinki, Finland to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Praise be.