There are theories about Princess Mary's solo Christmas card.

Many of us are about to have loads of free time on our hands.

This means it's the perfect time to speculate with wild abandon about the royals. No, not the British royal family (although we've done plenty of work in that area), but this time we need to talk about the Danish royals.

Why? Well, because Princess Mary (yes, our Mary) has released a Christmas card with a curious omission.

The card excludes everyone else in the family besides Princess Mary (yes, our Mary). 

Mary is riding solo, and she's never looked happier (or colder, maybe pop on a scarf/beanie too, doll). 

'I'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine.' Image: Instagram/@hrh_mary_of_denmark.


But why should we care that our Mary is alone on a Christmas card? The timing of this card is a little suss.

It's been a month since the Danish Royal Family was hit by a scandal. Rumours ran rife that an alleged affair had occurred between Prince Frederik (aka the future King) and Mexican socialite Genoveva Casanova. 

What are the charges? They went on a walk together in Madrid AND THEN they went to dinner AND THEN they went back to Genoveva's apartment AND THEN Frederik left the following day, well according to the paparazzi stalking them.  

This was a rare bump in the Danish couple's bumpless union, which began when Tasmanian local Mary met Frederik in a pub in Sydney in 2000, before she moved to Copenhagen in 2002, the Danish royals got married in 2004, and have since welcomed four children together. 

But back to the card! Mary also shared a message on her flagship Mary Foundation website, which some online folks suspect is referencing the cheating rumours. 

"We need each other if we want to succeed," the 51-year-old wrote. "At the same time, so much has happened that it is impossible to put it all into words." 

On Instagram, she wrote, "Time is a peculiar size. The more years you have covered, the faster the next years seems to go by. At the same time, you become more and more aware of how precise each moment is, and each year." 


Last year, Mary shared a photo with the entire family for her Christmas card. 

This photo just called me poor in Danish. Image: Instagram/@hrh_mary_of_denmark.

The 2022 post was shared on 24 December, with Princess Mary sending well wishes from the whole family. 


"Merry Christmas from the crown prince family," the post began. "They're spending Christmas with the crown princess' family in Australia and they will be back in Denmark for new year."

So what does this all mean? 

We've rounded up all the theories about Princess Mary's latest Christmas card and message. 

Princess Mary is sending a cryptic message about the infidelity rumours. 

Some news sites are claiming that Princess Mary's message about loneliness could be sending a message. 

Princess Mary's letter from the Mary Foundation website wrote, "We need each other if we are to succeed."

“We have put a spotlight on the many faces of loneliness with a large conference. And we have talked about our view on bullying out in the world, where our approach is new and different for some, but which has also aroused both curiosity and excitement.”

In another part, she said: "So much has happened that it is impossible to put it all into words."

This could be referencing the rumours of an affair between her husband, Crown Prince Frederik, and Genoveva Casanova. At the same time, she could be alluding to the year's most devastating world tragedy, the Israel-Gaza conflict. 

Casanova has denied any claims she cheated with the Prince. 

"I categorically deny the statements that suggest a romantic relationship between Prince Frederik and me," she said in a statement.

"Any statement of this type not only completely lacks the truth but also misrepresents the facts in a malicious manner. This is already in the hands of my lawyers, who will take care of the pertinent steps to protect my right to honour, truth and privacy."


Mary spent some of December separated from Fredrik as she holidayed in Sydney with her two twins as the Crown Prince attended the COP28 summit in Dubai. The whole family has since reunited in Queenstown, New Zealand. 

Earlier this month, the family put on a united front sharing a video of the royals decorating the Christmas tree together.


The solo portrait comes as another family photo was wiped from Instagram. 

A photo of Mary and her younger children, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, mysteriously vanished.

A photo was shared on Instagram of the royal trio climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with Bridge Climb sharing the photo. But within minutes, the photo was wiped off the page, suggesting Bridge Climb were asked to take it down. 

Did the royals want to keep it on the down-low that Mary was living her best life without Frederik? Maybe! 

It's not actually that unusual for Princess Mary to do a solo card.

In 2020, she debuted her first solo Christmas card, which was a real royal shake-up at the time. Ever since, she's released a solo card every year.

The real Christmas card is still coming.

This isn't the first time Mary has shared a solo photo alongside a family portrait. A day before the 2022 family post, Mary shared a solo photo, which suggests that a family photo could still be on its way.

On the 2022 post, Mary shared similar sentiments about loneliness. 

"Christmas days are a good occasion for everyone of us to let others into our communities," she wrote.

"But even if we meet is not certain that everyone feels included. Because is possible be with others and still feel alone. For that we do not fight necessarily against loneliness because we meet. We fight loneliness joining in safe and open communities that build trust and the care that everybody needs."

'It's me, hi, I'm riding solo again.' Image: Instagram/@hrh_mary_of_denmark.


Therefore, not only could a family Christmas card be on its way, but it's not out of the ordinary for Princess Mary to speak about loneliness and isolation at Christmas, as her foundation strives to help people overcome feelings of loneliness

The Danish royals are expected to return to Denmark to celebrate Christmas together as a family at Marselisborg Palace with Queen Margrethe.

Feature image: Instagram/@hrh_mary_of_denmark.