The moment Sarah Ferguson was brought to tears at Princess Eugenie's wedding reception.

While a big day for Princess Eugenie, some would say the royal wedding was rather history-making for Sarah Ferguson.

Before her daughter’s wedding day, Fergie stayed on the outskirts of the royal sphere for almost 20 years. That is, until Friday.

But like any doting mother would, Fergie held herself graciously while Eugenie took the limelight.

She spent the ceremony oozing absolute delight over her daughter’s happiness, seemingly completely unfazed that the world was also looking at her.

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However, guests at the wedding reception told Vanity Fair that Fergie’s emotions weren’t as contained as they were throughout the ceremony.

During her ex-husband Prince Andrew’s speech, he recounted a story of Princess Eugenie at a much younger age as one of his fondest memories.

“Andrew was talking about Eugenie as a little girl and how Sarah used to bribe her with bags of sweets which Eugenie loved,” one guest told the publication. “He told Jack, ‘now it’s your turn to look after her.’”


She was reportedly consoled by Prince Edward’s wife as the speech continued to move the crowd, as well as induce moments of laughter.

“Andrew constantly talked about ‘Sarah and I.’ It’s clear that even though they are divorced they are very much a team. I think Sarah found that very moving and touching,” one guest said.

But it was the moment Jack Brooksbank, Princess Eugenie’s now-husband, began speaking that Fergie could no longer hold back her tears.

“When Jack spoke he thanked everyone who had helped plan the wedding,” a guest said. “He had Sarah in tears when he described her as his rock and he thanked the royal family for making him feel so welcome.

“He also thanked Beatrice and said that she was always the one he called when he needed help with royal protocol.”

Though Fergie was a guest at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May wedding, she showed up solo and was made to sit away from her daughters in the chapel, where the “non-royals” watched from the sidelines.

Despite no longer being an official member of the royal family after her divorce with Prince Andrew, the two still remain friends.