Inside Princess Eugenie's extravagant wedding reception.


While most of us probably couldn’t even name 800 people, yesterday Princess Eugenie invited that many of her nearest and dearest to get together in a single room to celebrate her marriage to Jack Brooksbank.

After all the pomp and ceremony of the… ceremony, the couple held a lunch reception at Windsor Castle, where they could mingle with their friends and family. Among which were singer Ellie Goulding, Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore, Kate Moss, and Holly Valance. (Yes, as in former Neighbours star Holly Valance.)

Here’s what went down.

First – and most importantly – the cake. Rather than opt for the traditional fruit cake with white fondant, which frankly never should have been a thing in the first place, the Princess and Brooksbank chose a towering, tiered red velvet and chocolate sponge cake, with buttercream and white frosting.

Using 400 eggs, at least 53 blocks of unsalted butter, 15 kilograms of organic self-raising flour, and 20 kilos of sugar, it was the culmination of three months’ work, Hello reported. Baker Sophie Cabot started making the decorations back in July, and then slid into the Buckingham Palace kitchens on Wednesday to start the final process.

Guests also enjoyed champagne and finger food, which reportedly included scotch eggs and tiny Yorkshire puddings.

But enough about the food. (Mostly because it’s making us jealous and a little hangry.)

princess eugenie wedding reception
Image: Getty.

The second-best bit of any reception is the speeches, and according to folks in attendance, they didn't disappoint.

The father of the bride, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, reportedly gave a 'charming and funny' performance that included a chuckle-worthy tale about his new son-in-law.

“The Duke told a story about their dog Jack [a Norfolk terrier],” an unnamed guest told PEOPLE. “One day, I think it was early in the relationship, he shouted ‘Jack, get off the chair!’ And the dog didn’t move. But Jack did!”


The Duke reportedly also embraced Brooksbank at the end - something he said he'd never done before.

But it was the groom's speech that brought the happy tears.

"For a young man of 32 to be that open about his emotions, was quite affecting," Brooksbank's former headmaster Anthony Wallersteiner told Hello. "He talked about how she is the one light of his life. She makes him complete and he can't imagine spending a day apart. Everyone cried - Eugenie's eyes went too. I mean she wasn't sobbing. It was just lovely, sweet, short and modern."

princess eugenie wedding reception
Jack Brooksbank pretending to be James Bond. Image: Getty.

The couple then left for their evening reception in an Aston Martin DB10, of which just 10 were made, specifically for use in the James Bond film Spectre. We're not quite sure how Brooksbank managed to snag one for th... Oh wait. Yeah. He's a Royal now.

Unlike her cousin-in-law Meghan, Duchess of Cambridge, who also got married at St George's Chapel back in May, Princess Eugenie didn't do a costume change, choosing instead to remain in her gorgeous Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos gown.

Fair enough, too. Gettin' her money's worth.

The black tie evening event was held at nearby Royal Lodge - Prince Andrew's home, which his ex wife Sarah Ferguson also still lives in, for some reason. There aren't many details available yet, likely because a) guests are forbidden from using their phones, and b) it's still kicking on.

Fingers crossed everyone pulls up OK for Saturday, because the celebrations continue with a carnival-style party, complete with rides and food stalls.