The very strict rules Princess Eugenie's wedding guests simply must follow. Or else.


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Dun, dun, dun, dun… yes, dear reader, that is the non-existent sound of Princess Eugenie walking down the aisle tonight in our second royal wedding.

Of course, Princess Eugenie’s wedding to Jack Brooksbank will 100 per cent not be like any wedding you or I have been to. Not even your friend’s second cousin who spent $20,000 on outrageous wedding flowers.

No, royal weddings come with a lot of strict royal rules that simply must be followed. Or else.

According to Vanity Fair, to make sure everyone’s across what they need to know, guests have been issued with helpful information packs with all the royal rules and dos and don’ts for Princess Eugenie’s wedding.

It’s not as long as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s seven-page booklet from their wedding, but it’s still more hectic than the ole ‘no kids’ rule.

Get a load of these:

  • Guests to meet at the Farm Shop in Windsor, where they will be transported on a fleet of minibuses to St George’s Chapel in time to be seated at 10.15am.
  • Everyone will need two forms of identification to get in – you too, Amal and George Clooney.
  • Toilet facilities will be limited between the hours of 8am and 10am… outside of those times, you’re holding it.
  • Guests have been asked to ‘surrender mobile telephones, cameras, and any electronic devices used for image capture’.
  • All gifts from the bride and groom’s registry should not be brought on the day itself, they should be directed to the bride’s father The Duke of York Prince Andrew’s office at Buckingham palace.
  • All guests have also been banned from posting any pictures on social media. No selfies. Nada.

Side note – here’s a few more dos and don’ts royal wedding guests have to watch out for. Post continues after video.

Video by MMG

In addition to these specific instructions, there are some general royal wedding rules that anyone fancy enough to be invited to a royal wedding would know off by heart.

For example, you can’t really rock up to a royal wedding in a strapless gown or one with delicate straps, and female guests are expected to cover their hair with hats, and it’s actually considered a big no-no if you don’t wear a hat inside the church.

The bride’s bouquet must also contain myrtle, the “herb of love”, just like Queen Elizabeth, Princess Diana and Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle all carried for their weddings.

Another one for the bride – she’s ‘encouraged’ to wear a wedding dress designed by a British designer unless they want some side eye from the Queen. Meghan’s French-designed Givenchy dress was an exception, as were many other things on her wedding day.

Nude stockings must also be worn by all female guests (and the men if they please), which plays nicely into another one of the Queen’s finicky rules – no wedge heels.

On the plus side, there aren’t any royal rules that say Princess Eugenie, her husband and any of her guests can’t drink at the wedding.

Cheers to that.

Are you excited for Princess Eugenie’s wedding? Or, do you not care in the slightest?