The awkward mistake Princess Diana made at her first royal Christmas.


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In December of 1981, just under six months after her wedding to Prince Charles, Princess Diana was invited to her first royal Christmas.

Now, the royal family celebrate the festive season a little differently to us peasants. Following tradition, the royals exchange gifts on Christmas Eve (controversial) at 6pm sharp, and according to The Mirror, the only rule they must follow is that the presents must be cheap and funny, you know… to seem relatable.

Unfortunately, Princess Diana wasn’t aware of this rule. She gave the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne, a cashmere sweater (luxurious and thoughtful yes, but not cheap or funny). In return, Princess Anne presented Princess Diana with a toilet roll cosy.

Side note: We still do not understand the purpose of a toilet roll cosy.

Now while we don’t want to point fingers, and don’t really have the proof to back it up, we 110 per cent believe it was the fault of Prince Charles for not passing on the message.

Luckily, Diana made up for it next year by buying Duchess Fergie a leopard-print bath mat, keeping to theme.

She might have stumbled at her first royal Christmas, but we’ll always love Princess Diana.

Video by MMC

Some other royal gag gifts include Duchess Catherine giving then single Prince Harry a ‘grow-your-own-girlfriend’ kit – a not-so-subtle hint don’t you think – as well as Prince Harry gifting the Queen with a bath hat with the slogan, “Ain’t life a bitch”.

We do hope someone has informed Meghan Markle’s mum, Doria Ragland, of this rule, ahead of her first royal Christmas.

Do you agree Princes Charles should have told Diana of this royal Christmas rule? Share you thoughts in a comment below.