The four women Prince Philip has allegedly been linked to throughout his 70-year marriage.


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Prince Philip has always been a bit of an enigma.

While the Prince has stood silently beside Queen Elizabeth for decades, her 67 year-long reign as Queen has always been peppered with rumours of Philip’s infidelity.

While rumours of Prince Philip’s affairs with high profile women have circulated for decades, none have ever been confirmed.

Both the Queen and the Prince have denied the rumours, with Prince Phillip even telling the media it would be impossible for him to conduct affairs considering he is always surrounded by security personnel and members of the press.

“Have you ever stopped to think that, for the past 40 years, I have never moved anywhere without a policeman accompanying me? So how the hell could I get away with anything like that?” he told a reporter in 1992.

However, the rumours persist.

Here’s a breakdown of all the infidelity rumours surrounding Prince Philip:

Hélène Cordet.

prince philip affairs
Helen Cordet and her son, Max. Image: Getty.

Prince Philip and Hélène Cordet were childhood friends.

When Cordet first married when she was 20, and Prince Phillip was 16, he walked her down the aisle.

The pair remained close and Prince Philip became the Godfather to her two children, Max and Louise.

After Prince Philip paid for some of Max's school fees, so he could attend the prestigious Gordonstoun school, rumours circulated that he could have been Max's biological father.

However, Max later came out and said the Prince was not his biological dad.

Pat Kirkwood.

prince philip affairs
Pat Kirkwood in 1943. Image: Getty.

It has long been speculated that Prince Philip had an affair with musical comedy star Pat Kirkwood.

Some believe the Prince conducted an affair with the actress in 1948, just one year after he and Queen Elizabeth tied the knot, and while the Queen was heavily pregnant with Prince Charles.

Years later, in 1957, the Baltimore Sun reported that the Prince had a "wandering eye" and had been interested in a "party girl". The newspaper said the affair had caused a rift between the royal couple.


However, the Queen responded with an unprecedented statement to the press.

"It is quite untrue that there is any rift between the Queen and the Duke," the statement read.

As for Pat, she's told the press she did spend one memorable night out dancing with the Prince - and her husband.

The actress said the three of them shared scrambled eggs the next morning. They continued to correspond for years.

On Christmas Day, 2007, Pat died at Kitwood House nursing home in Ilkley, West Yorkshire after being diagnosed with  Alzheimer's disease.

She was 86 years old.

Susan Barrantes.

prince philip affairs
Sarah Ferguson with her mother, Susan Barrantes. Image: Getty.

Prince Philip is also rumoured to have had an affair with Susan Barrantes.

Barrantes is the mother of Sarah Ferguson AKA Fergie, the woman who would go on to marry Prince Andrew, the middle son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, in 1986.

Fergie and Prince Andrew would later divorce but remain close friends.

It's believed that Prince Philip and Barrantes became acquainted in the early 1960s through their mutual love of polo.

If the rumours are true, there were bound to be a few awkward family dinners while Fergie and Prince Andrew were married.

Countess Mountbatten: Penelope Brabourne.

prince philip affairs
Penelope Brabourne at the Queen's 90th birthday. Image: Getty.

Penelope Brabourne is married to Prince Philip's godson - the eighth Baron Brabourne, Norton Knatchbull.

In 2011, when Knatchbull had an affair, Penny became even closer with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Because Penny, who is now known as Countess Mountbatten, is at every royal event and she often visits Kensington Palace, rumours have circulated that she's a bit too close to the Prince.

"Her nickname among Palace staff is “and also” as no guest list is considered complete without her," reports the Express.co.uk.

However, because the Queen remains close to Penelope, it seems it's unlikely there is any truth to the rumours.