The tale of how an argument forced the Queen to sleep in the servants' quarters.

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Being a royal must be very exhausting.

What, with all the chauffeur driven trips across the country giving speeches and cutting ribbons, you can imagine how weary the full-time working royals like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and Prince William and Kate Middleton would be when they get home from work.

Although their nan Queen Elizabeth II has begun passing her many royal duties and patronages onto her grandchildren, back in the day, she was the busiest royal around.

Becoming the Head of State at just 25 with two small children with Prince Philip, a young Elizabeth went from leading a somewhat quiet royal life to running the show.

Did you know the Queen has owned 30 corgis over her lifetime? Check out her sweet doggos below, post continues after video.

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All of which serves as context for the humorous tale of how an argument forced the Queen to sleep on the couch in the servants’ quarters. In her nightie.

Following the recent passing of Peggy Hoath, one of the Queen’s longest serving and beloved assistant dressers, royal staff have reminisced on their fond memories with their late co-worker, the Daily Mail reports.


One incident in particular – the night their boss rocked up to their staff room in her nightie – stood out.

The story goes that late one night when the Queen was staying at her official Scottish residence, Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh, an argument broke out between Peggy and another staffer. Rather than break up the fight near her room that was keeping her up, the Queen decided to move to the staff quarters.

“Apparently Peggy and [another staff member] May had been arguing at the top of their voices in a nearby room and the Queen just couldn’t get to sleep. She was very fond of Peggy and obviously couldn’t bring herself to criticise her,” a royal source told the publication.

“No-one could believe their eyes when she arrived in her nightie wrapped in her bedclothes and blanket. She just said, “I’ve got to get some sleep,” and settled down on the sofa.

“Everyone just looked at each other and shuffled out of the room to let the Queen sleep.”

Most of us probably would’ve got the sack for carrying on like that and waking up the boss, but not Peggy.

According to reports, Peggy joined the royal household in 1959 and was one of the few surviving staff to have worked with the young Queen. She remained at the Queen’s side, dressing her each day for 35 years.

Guess that level of dedication affords you a free pass or two.