OPINION: Hang on a minute, isn’t Prince Harry just doing what we asked him to do?

It's all out there now. All the things Prince Harry has been wanting to say about his family, the 'rumours' and the institution he grew up in. 

All the 'allegedly's' can be put to bed. We've heard it straight from the man himself.

While Harry's memoir, Spare, isn't being released until next Wednesday, Spain already has the book on shelves, and the internet is alight with all the juicy details.

You can read up on the biggest revelations, here. Or watch a few below:

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But despite the blistering honesty Prince Harry has bestowed on us, we're not happy. We're still not happy.

Because now, apparently, he's talking too much. The internet is full of insults and calls to 'strip him' of his titles.

He's whining. He's entitled. He's bullying his brother. He's spoilt. He's a hypocrite. 

That last one is being spat at him because for so many years he's asked for privacy. He's begged the press to just leave him alone. 

But this is different. He's choosing what to share, he's not sharing against his will - which is what he's been forced to do his whole life.

This is a man who grew up in a system that told him to 'never complain, never explain' as the tabloids posted lie after lie about him, and later his wife and children.

Imagine holding your tongue through that? Imagine not being able to defend yourself? To have to sit on your hands and grin through it all. 


Yes, he is privileged. But he's still human.

We have learnt as a society that shutting down and keeping quiet and not talking about what's bothering us is actually the worst thing we can do for ourselves. Ask any mental health body; communication is key.

Sure, Harry is talking a lot. But this is what happens when you try and contain a boiling kettle for 30-something years. It eventually bursts.

He tried to play it nice. He tried to keep it 'in the family.' It didn't work, so now he's taking his power back.

As Harry tells 60 Minutes in an interview that will be aired in full on Sunday, he tried to sort things out behind closed doors.

"And every single time I've tried to do things privately there have been briefings and leakings and planting of stories against me and my wife," he told host Anderson Cooper.

So why not go nuclear? Why not just put every single thing out there, so there's nothing to 'plant' about anymore.

It makes sense.

Yes, he is sharing some pretty shocking things about his brother and father - but he's not shying away from telling the truth about himself or his wife either. 

In another anecdote, Harry acknowledges Meghan said something that hurt Kate's feelings (Meg apparently told her sister-in-law she had "baby-brain" following issues around flower girl dresses). He knows how the media feels about his wife - he could have left that story out.

He has told us about his penis. In detail. About losing his virginity behind a pub and snorting cocaine. About the number of men he killed at war.

He hasn't glossed over the bits that he knows will make him look bad, when he very well could have.


Harry is the epitome of a modern man. A man who is not afraid to share. The kind of man Gen Z are applauding and embodying - one who tells it as it is and throws the 'stiff upper lip' mentality in the bin.

You might not like it. You might find it uncomfortable. You might think he's taking it too far, but not many people in the world can truly imagine what it's like to be in his shoes.

For three decades the paparazzi has tried to squeeze these details out of Prince Harry's friends and family. He's made front-page headlines since the day he was born. Every partner he has ever had has had their lives and their family's lives upended. Every single step he has taken has been torn apart and analysed by the world.

So now, he's given all the 'juice' from his life to the world's press to feast on. 

Perhaps he's hopeful that after this initial furore they'll finally let him just be Harry. There'll be nothing more to gossip about because he's served it all up in 416 explosive pages. 

That's probably wishful thinking. But the point is, Prince Harry is finally telling his story how he wants to tell it.

It might be 'too much' for some people's liking. He might be 'playing the victim card.' But who are we to tell a man to hide his truth? Harry's brother is more than welcome to do the same.

This is exactly what we wanted from him, so he's given it to us. On his terms. In his words. 

And now we're telling him to be quiet again.

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