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albury22 April 22, 2024

It was a 15+ show! Should not be an argument other than find a babysitter or don't go. Only thinking of herself not the rest of the audience that went out for a good laugh and not listen to a child for the night. Selfish in a big way!

albury22 January 25, 2024

We all should be one not apart but these protests of hate is killing our country of love. My children would not be born if the first fleet didn't arrive. Both our cultures should be together and reflect our short young history with each other. Learn to live and be better with each other. Our first nation people have a better knowledge of our nation of how it works for a better future for all. 

albury22 May 28, 2023

Phil's family should be the only one and only one that can deal with there troubled cross over new life. Everyone should be concentrating on there own families, not others. Phil is clearly seeing who was his close friends. Mental health is real and his so called friends clearly don't care about this issue. 

albury22 January 14, 2023

Interview with Stephen Colbert showed he is at peace with himself. Good luck to him for a bright future with his family that care. Hardly any families have the care he shows for his wife. Woke are killing this world of love.

albury22 January 12, 2023

If anyone saw the interview with Stephen Colbert, you wouldn't see a relaxed confident at peace young man. The only people you see who are showing aggression are the people who are against Harry. Best of luck Harry and Megan. You have made the right brave strong decision of being yourselves than being robots.

albury22 October 24, 2022

It's a shame that people like to go on there high horse without knowing that Gina puts in heaps for the indigenous community.  The media n the outside noise stuffed up the sponsorship and should have kept it in house. Clearly Gina is not a racist. 

albury22 November 11, 2021

Love it. I went through the same thing with a Christian group and the way they spoke about the same sex couples I left straight away. Should love all not certain people. Well done by trusting your beliefs not follow others.

albury22 October 31, 2021

That is completely wrong that this male did and should never have happened like it should never happen with women deliberately not taking the pill so they can get pregnant. It goes both ways n never one way. All sex should be consent not one person wants.

albury22 June 22, 2021

This is where social media is the worst of the worst plus the production company for putting the show up due to it clearly did not support Khloe's looks. Khloe is good looking with a natural beautiful body n still has. For everyone, never take what others say about your looks to heart. Your personality is your best asset.

albury22 June 15, 2021

All I can say is why not over crowd our nation and don't have any border controls for our once great nation 🤔😁

albury22 May 20, 2021

Terrific article and if anyone questions the way Harry is going and want him to be silent then you have not understood the article and never will. He'll be using most of the money he gets into charity