The mystery behind Prince Harry's new black ring has been solved. 

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With the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in town, royal fans are keeping their beady eyes peeled for every tiny detail we may have failed to notice about Meghan and Harry before they were this close to us.

And oh, you better believe they’re watching very closely.

Their latest observation?

Prince Harry has a new ring.

Yes – Prince Harry has been spotted rocking some new bling during his time in Australia and how dare he not consult us first.

The ~mysterious~ black ring can be seen on Harry’s right hand, so it’s not his wedding band (which he wears on his left, obv).

We have questions.

WOT DIS? Image: Getty.
...Here it is again. Source: Getty.
And here it is nice and close as Harry eats...something. Source: Getty.

Well, luckily People have cleared things up for us, confirming that this new ring in Harry's life is a robot ring.

A magic robot sleeping ring.

It's called the "Oura Ring" and it's a sleep and activity tracker that identifies various stages of sleep and connects to an app on your smartphone.

Sounds... futuristic.

The titanium ring comes in two different styles and four colours. Harry's is the Heritage style in black, because of course it is, which retails for $299.

Um, but what does the very expensive magic ring... actually do?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

According to the Oura website, it does this: 'With daily feedback to improve your health, Oura helps you better understand your body and reach your goals.'


We think he's probably using the ring to combat jet lag while he's over here (because yep, royals get jet lag too), but we suspect it'll come in handy when he and Meghan welcome their first child into the world next year and he's woken at all times of the night.

Ahh, babies.