The beautiful reason Prince Harry has worn the same silver bangle for most of his life.

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It’s pretty clear to royal watchers that Prince Harry has an affinity for the sentimental.

So far on The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s official royal tour of Australia and the South Pacific, we’ve seen two tributes to his late mother Princess Diana in Meghan Markle’s style on tour – a pair of Gucci butterfly earrings and Diana’s gold bracelet.

So it’s not hard to imagine that the bangle Prince Harry wore while visiting Dubbo in New South Wales on Wednesday – one he’s worn regularly for over two decades, including on his wedding day – is more than just a fashion accessory.

Harry wearing the bracelet in Dubbo on Wednesday. Image: Getty.

The black and silver piece was first spotted on the 34-year-old's wrist when he was just a teenager, and he's been seen wearing it routinely ever since.

On his wedding day, it was hidden beneath the sleeve of his Blues and Royals frockcoat during the ceremony, but on display once the Prince changed into his dinner jacket for the reception at Frogmore House, Windsor.

Image: Getty.

According to Hello, the newly minted Duke of Sussex has had the bangle since a trip to Africa following the death of his mother in 1997.

As Prince Harry told Town and Country in 2017, "My dad told my brother and me to pack our bags — we were going to Africa to get away from it all. My brother and I were brought up outdoors. We appreciate the countryside; we appreciate nature and everything about it. But it became more…


"This is where I feel more like myself than anywhere else in the world."

Prince Harry has been wearing the bangle since he was a kid. Image: Getty.

Harry's connection to Africa has also showed up on Meghan Markle's wrist.

The American was spotted wearing a beaded African bracelet identical to the Prince's in late 2016, which fans and Royal watchers took as solid evidence that the pair were secretly dating.

Their relationship was confirmed by Kensington Palace just weeks later in November, 2016.