Just when we thought Meghan Markle couldn't get any more stylish, she met a boy named Gavin.


Gavin got up very early on Thursday morning.

You see, he had a present to make.

According to his mum, who spoke with, Gavin “woke up with a cough” and unfortunately was unable to go to school which we’re sure he was very upset about.

His cough appeared to have completely disappeared by the time he got to Government House Drive in Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, where he was planning on meeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, known to Gavin as simply “the princess and the prince”.

He knew he couldn’t just turn up empty-handed as that would be rude, so he spent all morning making a pasta necklace which he then painted gold and beaded through a piece of blue ribbon.

Well, sh*t.


But Gavin KNEW he had to find a way to get Meghan Markle’s attention, so he devised a plan.

He stood along the barrier with a sign that read ‘I MADE YOU A NECKLACE’ decorated with love hearts, and goddammit… this boy is a genius.

When Markle saw him, dressed in a pilot’s uniform, she not only stopped and greeted him, but accepted the gift and put it on around her neck.

STOP IT. Image via Getty.

It went perfectly with her Dion Lee dress, and her $877 Manolo Blahniks that honestly could do with a lil' pasta decoration.

Since wearing the necklace, it is our understanding that pasta has sold out at every supermarket in the country, with Sportsgirl now stocking 'pasta pieces' in their jewellery section.

Never underestimate the Meghan Effect.