The video that proves Prince Harry is literally all of us at the snack table.


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Prince Harry is a gentleman. Apart from that ~phase~ at uni, he has always presented himself perfectly, and is always on his best behaviour.

Except it turns out Prince Harry is only human when it comes to the snack table at a party.

And the video footage is completely hilarious.

The ITV News Royal Editor tweeted the footage, which was taken at Meghan Markle’s cookbook event, earlier today.


“I could be wrong but I reckon we’ve caught Prince Harry red handed stealing some samosas from the Meghan’s ‘Together’ cookbook event they were at today!! Have a watch…” he wrote.

And ‘have a watch’ we did. We did not regret it.

At first, Prince Harry starts by casually wandering away from the table, subtly tucking samosas behind his back. When he thinks no one can see the samosas, he gives an innocent grin to those in front of him.

prince harry news
WE CAN SEE THEM. Image: Twitter.

Aware of the pickle he's got himself in, he ponders for a bit, trying to think of a plan of attack.

prince harry news
Yes you are correct. You are being filmed. Image: Twitter.

That's when he notices the camera, and looks directly into the lens with a look of hilarious defeat.

prince harry news
Better luck next time matey. Image: Twitter.