Did Harry and Meghan have a fight at Princess Eugenie's wedding? An investigation.

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What is this we spy? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle acting like a…normal couple?

Following Princess Eugenie’s stunning wedding on Friday, us royal perves are scouring the ceremony footage for anything we might have missed while we were momentarily blinded by Eugenie’s sparkling emerald tiara, her ‘something borrowed’ from the Queen.

And what we’ve stumbled upon is very interesting indeed.

It looks as though Prince Harry and Meghan Markle – who have seemed nothing less than utterly, and adorably, besotted with each other from the moment they met  – had a lil couple’s tiff before the ceremony.

In the footage below – Prince Harry is seen literally squirming in his seat, before turning to Meghan to say something. She looks…salty, and as though she’s mustering all her strength to stifle an eyeroll.

To be honest, she looks like all of us when our partner is just being kinda…annoying.


According to Daily Mail, Prince Harry had interrupted The Duchess of Sussex while she was chatting with Zara Tindall – quickly receiving what looks like a telling off from his wife.

Because we’re…creepy, we’re desperate to know what was said – but lip readers’ accounts of the conversation were inconclusive due to the way Harry turned his head. Damn.

Clearly not his first time at the rodeo.

The publication has speculated, however, that at one point the couple were discussing the chapel – where they exchanged their own vows earlier this year.

Harry reportedly said: “Everything’s different”, to which Meghan snapped back: “Yes, of course, that’s the way.”

That’s the way, Harry, jeez.

She then appeared to gesture with her hands at how full the venue was as she said: “Fill up as much.”

Now, we’re no lipreading experts ourselves, so the words they actually exchanged will forever remain a mystery to us.

For all we know he could have been telling her he needed to wee (hence the squirming) to which she said sternly “I told you to go before we sat down”.

That is pretty annoying.

…As for Meghan’s hand gesture? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.