Intern Pete got told off by Prince Harry and it was nothing short of glorious.

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Intern Pete is at it again.

And by “at it” we mean yelling IT’S INTERN PETE repeatedly to famous people when they’re trying to interact with the public.

Which people, you ask?

Oh, just the Duke of Sussex.


The KiisFM radio producer known as “Intern Pete”, real name Pete Deppeler, attempted to pull another of his “pranks” on the royals and everyone, including him, was left cringing.

Joining the crowds of royal fans at Bondi Beach on Friday, the serial prankster can be heard yelling: “Harry! Harry! It’s Intern Pete again!”

Prince Harry, probably resisting the urge to tell Intern Pete to GO AWAY, responds with a slight smile: “You shouldn’t be here.”

In the Instagram video posted on Kyle and Jackie O’s page, the hosts look speechless as they’re shown the footage.

It’s excruciating, to say the least.

You can relive the whole cringeworthy moment here:


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Maybe now Intern Pete will admit that he & Prince Harry are NOT best friends… ???? #KJShow #RoyalTour @petedeppeler

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That’s right Pete, you gotta go mate. The Duke of Sussex has asked you nicely.

While Prince Harry is usually all cheeky grins and playful banter – he’s obviously working overtime trying to mask his irritation here.

Intern Pete told Kyle and Jackie O that after his… royal interaction, security approached him to ask, “why are you here again? This is for the public, not the media”.

It’s not the first time Harry has crossed paths with Pete, either. In 2017, during Harry’s last royal visit, Pete dared to interrupt his  small talk with fans, by yelling: “Hey Harry! Harry! The floor is lava.”

But oh it got worse.

“Five, four, three, two, one — he doesn’t get the joke!” he continued to yell in reference to Harry’s look of confusion and/or disdain.


The whole cringeworthy incident reminds me of how I felt in high school when my mum insisted on ringing the parents of the popular older kid whose party I somehow got invited to.


Pls stop. You’re embarrassing us in front of the fancy people and we really want them to like us.