The Kyle & Jackie O Show tried to joke around with Prince Harry. Cue extreme awkwardness.

Nothing compares to the soul-destroying humiliation that comes with telling someone a joke they don’t understand. Especially when that ‘someone’ is one of the world’s most beloved royals.

Therefore, we can imagine KIIS FM’s ‘Intern Pete’, of the Kyle & Jackie O Show, is feeling pretty rubbish today after Prince Harry very obviously did not find his ‘in joke’ funny during a stop on his visit to Australia ahead of the 2018 Invictus Games.

Capturing the Prince’s attention in Sydney’s pouring rain on Wednesday afternoon, Pete took his shot at getting Harry involved with the latest viral Internet sensation, ‘the floor is lava’.

And it was baaaaad. Oh so very bad.

Take a look for yourselves.


Normally when someone shuts down your attempt to be funny, one would shrink into the corner and pretend it wasn’t meant to be funny anyway.

But no, not Pete. He went in for a second crack, only to reiterate just how much the Prince did not understand a word of what he was on about.

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Now we know Prince Harry is not down for this pop culture phenomenon, will this be the end of ‘the floor is lava’?

Stay tuned.

Have you ever old a joke that just didn’t work out?