The photos that prove teenage Prince Harry was just like your little brother.

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Teenage-boy bedrooms are the stuff of nightmares, right?

I’ll never forget the year my brother decided to cover every inch of his bedroom wall in posters of bikini-clad women, so when you entered it felt like you were being smothered by boobs.

It obviously worked, because I stayed well away from his room until he got a girlfriend and sheepishly peeled the posters off. (It also smelt like dirty socks. Teenage boys are gross).

Well, these newly-resurfaced photos of 18-year-old Prince Harry hanging out, shining his shoes and what-not in his Eton College boarding school digs prove once again that the royals are…JUST LIKE US. Or at least, us when we were teenagers.

They ate toast all the time.
They wore those little plaited string bracelets that everybody had.
They stuck random inspirational posters on a pinboard and called it 'decorating'.

Other than the fact that Prince Harry is actually in these photos, there is one other thing that reveals this is the bedroom of a royal teen: amongst the clutter of pretty standard teenage boy stuff (bikini posters, a toothbrush, a giant stereo, empty mugs and A CAN OF LYNX) are photo tributes to his royal roots.

There's a framed black and white portrait of his late mother Princess Diana on his desk, a photo of his grandmother, the Queen, on his bedside table, and a picture of his father, Prince Charles on the wall over the famous 'Lunch atop a Skyscraper' poster.

The photos were taken shortly before Harry left Eton College, the exclusive Berkshire private school where he lived from 1998 to 2003.

One thing's for sure: we really hope Harry's decorating sense has improved with age (although we suspect he hasn't needed to decorate his own room since these photos were taken).