Scott Morrison met Prince Harry and was just everyone's embarrassing uncle.

Oh no.

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, just climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge with Prince Harry and couldn’t quite hide the fact he was super excited to be there.

A little… too excited.

The two were accompanied by Peter Cafe’s wife Gwen Cherne, as well as Luke Hill, Ruth Hunt, Heidi Joosten and Michael Lyddiard – four Australian Invictus Games competitors – to raise the Invictus Games Sydney 2018 flag.

They all managed to play it cool, but rather unsurprisingly, Sco Mo acted more like the nation’s embarrassing uncle than our Prime Minister.

Instead, he spent 99% of the time either goofily smiling in Prince Harry’s general vicinity, or trying to get an Instagram-worthy pic with him.

At one point, our very own Prime Minister was standing behind Prince Harry right before a decent photo opportunity. With a not-so-subtle hint of desperation, Morrison moved to find a space beside the royal.

But it perhaps didn’t go as unnoticed as he may have hoped.

See for yourself.

prince harry sydney harbour bridge

Yes, Sco Mo... we see you. Frankly, it's hard not to.

But to be completely fair, we get it. The royals are a big deal, and any true fan knows photographic evidence is crucial.

And in cases like these, sometimes there's no time to factor in shame and humiliation. Even if an entire nation is watching.

This was your moment, Sco Mo. You did what you had to do. Go ahead and soak it all in.

prince harry sydney harbour bridge
Just Sco Mo #lovinglife. Image: Channel Nine.

We hope your photo with Prince Harry was everything you dreamed of and more, Sco Mo.