VERY IMPORTANT: Prince George only has one item on his Christmas list and we're not coping.

In the excitment around Prince Harry’s engagement to Meghan Markle, we’ve all forgotten one very important person. Arguably the most important person in the Royal family.

The one who only waves when he wants to.

'Give the people what they want.' (Getty)
'Not this time, peasants.' (Getty)

Luckily, Prince George has been distracted with other, more official business. Namely, what he might be given for Christmas.

According to our intelligence sources, the four-year-old sent his dad on a top-secret find-Santa mission and requested his wish-list be hand-delivered to the jolly man himself. Nothing less would suffice.

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This is what led to Prince William 'stumbling' across Father Christmas at a festive market in Helsinki, Finland on Thursday. "I’ve seen you and I had to give you this letter," William reportedly said.


(It was put down to 'coincidence' but those of us who know Prince George know better.)

'I am acting on orders from above.' (Getty)

The letter, which first and foremost confirms that George has been "nice" and not naughty at all, had five spaces for gift requests. The prince only needed one: He wants a police car.

"Dear Father Christmas, This year I have been nice. For Christmas I would like: police car. Love, George," the note read.

'Mission completed.' (Getty)

William, relieved at completing his mission without a hitch, shared a laugh with Santa and went onto conduct other, obviously far less important, business.