Prince George just had his first day at school and the pictures are as adorable as expected.

It’s the start of a new school year in the UK and among the fresh and nervous faced sea of pupils starting for the first time was Prince George, or George as he’ll hopefully be known to his friends.

Kensington Palace have released photos of the four year old, who is third in line to the throne, on his first day attending Thomas’s Preparatory School in Battersea.

They’re just as adorable as you’d expect.

Looking more than a little apprehensive about this whole education thing, the prince was dressed in the school’s navy and red uniform when he was met by his new Head of the Lower School.

Prince George Attends Thomas's Battersea On His First Day At School
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The Duchess of Cambridge was noticeably absent after the palace announced it would be Dad alone taking Prince George to school on his first day.

The Duchess was too ill to attend, still suffering severe morning sickness from Hyperemesis Gravidarum following the announcement she is pregnant with the couple's third child earlier this week.

The palace also shared pictures of Prince William and Harry's first days at school.


The uniforms may have been updated but it seems the nervous smile remains the same.

The school came under fire from local residents earlier this week over security concerns.

Sarah Burnett-Moore said she was able to walk through the school into a classroom without security checks, calling the lack of protection "astonishing" and "rather worrying".

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"I could have walked in with an IED and set it to go off on Thursday," she told The Telegraph.

"I live just 200 metres from the school and myself and lots of neighbours are worried about the security implications as the prince's presence will make the area a target for attacks."

Thankfully, George's first day seemed to go off without a hitch - and we're pretty sure the safety of all the children was high priority.

How did you feel on your child's first day at school?

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