Behind-the-scenes footage of Harry and Meghan shows a goofy side we'd never seen.

In their first ever interview together, newly engaged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are the embodiment of royalty.

The official video, released yesterday by The Royal Family and the BBC, shows the pair gracefully in love and humbly overjoyed.

By the end of the 20-minute clip it’s near impossible not to be head-over-heels invested in the upcoming royal wedding, and (quite frankly) expecting an invitation in the mail.

But behind-the-scenes footage released today takes it one step further.

A video from before the interview began – unfortunately there is no sound as the microphones are still off – shows the couple trying out some dance moves and being utterly adorably in love.

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According to the Daily Mail, this is what went down:

Prince Harry, 33, was (quite seriously) answering a question from interviewer Mishal Husain when Meghan, 36, interrupted him.

“She wants me to say something,” Prince Harry reportedly told Meghan.

The soon-to-be-princess apologised and then said something along the lines of “Yes, sir?” while looking at him like this:

Image via AAP

Harry continued speaking and, though the sound is turned off, the words aren't really important because somehow they segue into a goofy dance routine and the pictures are all you need...

Image via AAP.
Image via AAP.

We've come to realise: a wedding invitation just won't cut it. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, please come over for dinner?

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(I hear you like roast chicken.)

To view the full clip, watch the video below: