What's next for Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's kids.

For the entirety of Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine's lives, they have been under the gaze of the adoring Danish and Australian public. 

We have delighted in their milestones and cheered alongside them with every achievement

As Prince Frederik and Princess Mary prepare for their next chapter as the King and Queen of Denmark, their children's futures are being formed before our very eyes.

Earlier this month, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark announced her intention to abdicate the throne. 

"On 14 January 2024 — 52 years after I succeeded my beloved father — I will step down as queen of Denmark," she said in a statement. "I leave the throne to my son, Crown Prince Frederik."

Queen Margrethe, who is the longest-serving monarch in Europe following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in September, acknowledged it was her time to step down after five decades. 

"Such a long time does not pass unnoticed for anyone — not even me," she said. "Time wears, and ailments increase."

Queen Margrethe and Crown Prince Frederik celebrating Prince Christian's 18th birthday. Image: Getty. 


With just days to go before our Aussie-born royal becomes HM Queen Mary, there is now — understandably — a burden that weighs heavily on her four children.

According to royal expert and author Phil Dampier, Princess Mary is "concerned" for her eldest son.

"Crown Princess Mary is deeply concerned for Christian, who has lived a largely private life and has made veiled references to not wanting to lead a life in the royal spotlight," he said, per The Mercury.

Having turned 18 last year, the royal heir is considered one of Europe's most eligible bachelors. 


In October 2023, Christian announced he would forgo his royal allowance and instead focus on his education until he turned 21, at which point he would begin working as a full-time royal. 

Princess Mary and Prince Frederik with Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince 

As such, Princess Mary and her husband began encouraging him to take "king lessons" alongside his father, said Danish royal expert Lars Hovbakke Sørensen. 


The pair even enlisted the help of a small army of civil servants, Hovbakke Sørensen claimed. 

"The heir apparent has been taking king lessons with his father to better understand the country of which he will one day be king but he’s made references to not wanting to step into his father’s shoes."

The prince won't be taking on any official duties as of yet, but "training to step up in his father's shadow is underway and has begun in earnest since his coming of age," the royal expert added. 

As for 16-year-old Princess Isabella, she is likened to British royal Princess Charlotte, who (like Isabella) is known as a "character". 

She, and her twin siblings, 12-year-old Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, are also working with the same team Prince Christian has to build their confidence and master the art of public speaking. 

"Frederik and Mary have made big efforts to protect their children from the harshest elements of royal life — namely cameras — but they’ve also endeavoured to bring a healthy understanding of their public roles," Hovbakke Sørensen said.

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