6 hacks for people who... suck at wrapping presents.

There's a chance you're that person frantically roaming their local supermarket aisle, silently cursing the lack of gift-wrapping options.

All you want is a simple bag with some additional gold or white crepe paper. 

You ignore the wrapping paper blankly staring back at you. Because you are utterly useless at wrapping presents. Whether it's a square box or a cylinder candle. You have no clue where the scissors are supposed to cut and what the tape is meant to stick. 

If you're that person, just know we see you. We understand you. We are you. 

And so, for your benefit, we've consulted with our beloved Mamamia community (and the internet) for all the hacks on wrapping presents... when you absolutely suck at it. 

Watch this gift-wrapping hack. Because we know you need all the help you can get, friend. Post continues after video.

Video via Mamamia.

Here's what they had to say.

Say it with me: Fabric! Wrapping! 

Worried about crinkles? Switch to fabric gift wraps.

Hate sticky tape? Then you'll love these lovely fabric gift wraps. 

Sick of scissors? You need to give fabric gift wraps a go. 

Fabric gift wraps. Image: Getty.


Basically, what we're saying is that fabric gift wraps are a green alternative to paper, they're reusable and the pliability means you can wrap up some weird-looking gifts without ruining the gift paper. 

Reusable fabric gift wraps are referred to in traditional Japanese culture as 'Furoshiki' and are typically made from silk or cotton.

So apparently, you shouldn't throw out your gift-wrapping paper.

If you must use your gift wrapping paper, experts (yes there are wrapping experts in this world) say not to dispose of it. Because you can make the most adorable little gift-wrapping decorations with the scraps. 

Don't believe us? Fair enough. But here is the proof:

@mama_mila_ How to create a beautiful bow using leftover scraps of wrapping paper 🎁 will you be trying this simple trick? #giftwrapping #christmastiktok #christmas #giftwrappinghacks #tipsandtricks #howtofold #howto ♬ Sleigh Ride (Sped Up) - The Ronettes 

Blame the terrible wrapping on your kids.

Hayley explained to Mamamia she will be telling loved ones her three-year-old "helped wrap the presents".

"I'm so bad at it," she said. "I give myself permission to do a rough job."

And listen, this may just be the best gift hack we could ever offer you.


You can wrap your boxes without sticky tape (allegedly).

Believe it or not, there's a way to secure your presents in wrapping paper – without any tape needed. Sadly, you will need scissors. 

@problemsolved Wrap gifts without using tape with this magical hack! 🪄 🎁 #giftwrapping #holidays #lifehacks ♬ A fir tree (O Christmas tree) ♪ - 3KTrack

In this clip, user @problemsolved places the box diagonally across a rectangular-shaped pieced of paper and tucks the corner underneath, before crossing both sides in creating a pocket to fold the final triangle into. Then you can place the triangle piece into the self-made pocket. 

The wrapping will not come undone and keeps a clean, sleek look. 

You're welcome.

There is a way to wrap awkwardly shaped gifts!

If you want to gift a stuffed bear to someone you love this Christmas, then have no fear – because the ultimate gift-wrapping hack is here. 

The craft professional, @craftcorneruk, explained we need to wrap the wrapping paper around our gift to form a tube, and then use sticky tape to secure it in place.

You can then remove the balls and fold the paper into quarters.

Next, fold both ends inwards, and then cut all four corners.

@craftscorneruk Save this for later! #giftwrapping #learnontiktok ♬ Elf - Main Theme - Geek Music

After that, unfold the paper, place the gift inside the wrapper and tie both sides with a ribbon. What happens, in the end, is a Christmas cracker. 

Absolute wizardry. 

When all hope is lost, turn to gift-wrapping services.

We understand wrapping presents is a difficult feat. It's why shopping centres supply us with gift-wrapping services right in time for Christmas. 

The cost of wrapping isn't too high and if you're lucky, you might even be able to nab a wrapped gift for free (however, in some places, this might just be considered stealing).

Feature Image: TikTok/Mamamia

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