The Sydney Siege: Part Two

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18 Dec 2019 · 42 minutes

The Sydney Siege: Part Two
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15 hostages remain. For some, 10 hours of terror still awaits them. 

On the afternoon of December 15, 2014, offices were evacuated and rumours spread of bombs planted all around Sydney city, while hostages remained trapped inside the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place. 

One of Sydney’s most bustling pedestrian thoroughfares, which sat on the doorstep of the Lindt Cafe, was empty and deathly silent. Terrified men and women could be seen inside the large windows, a stark contrast to the festive Christmas decorations that hung beside them. 

Even though Man Monis, a radicalised terrorist, had forced hostages to turn in their mobile phones, some had hidden theirs within the cafe, meaning messages were slowly trickling out. 

Monis’ demands were not being met by police, radio stations or the Prime Minister at the time, Tony Abbott, and he was becoming increasingly agitated. 

But it was when three men escaped, that Monis’ temper reached a crescendo. With a gun to hostage Louisa Hope’s back, he threatened to shoot. 

These wouldn’t be the last hostages to escape over the course of the 16 hour siege, and it wouldn’t be the last time Monis threatened to shoot. 

In part two, we begin with the second escape, and the response of Monis, who was becoming more agitated by the minute.

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GUEST: Deborah Snow

HOST: Jessie Stephens

PRODUCER: Elise Cooper


“Siege: The powerful and uncompromising story of what happened inside the Lindt Cafe and why the police response went so tragically wrong” by Deborah Snow 

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60 Minutes Australia “The Siege Survivors” Channel 9 Network 

Sky News Australia “Two more hostages escape Sydney cafe siege” Sky Network Television 

Euronews “Sydney siege: Five hostages flee cafe” Euro News Network

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