Pink and Carey Hart 'almost didn't make it' to their 18th wedding anniversary.

Hollywood isn't exactly known for creating couples that last, but Pink and Carey Hart's love has stood the test of time. 

Earlier this month, the pair celebrated 18 years of marriage – but that's not to say their relationship has been smooth sailing. 

The pair have weathered two temporary separations and three separate family tragedies to become the unit they are today, and in a new post, the singer confessed they almost didn't make it to their 18th year of marriage.

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Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, and the former professional motocross racer met in 2001 at the Summer X Games. They soon began dating, before splitting up briefly in 2003.

It was the excitement of Hart's life and career that drew Pink to him, but in an interview with USA Today, the singer admitted "the excitement wears off" after "you spend a couple nights in the hospital with him when he's broken".

In 2005, during a motocross race at Mammoth Lakes, Pink proposed to Hart by holding up a sign saying "Will you marry me?" on the sidelines while he raced.

Pink and Carey Hart, 2002. Image: Getty.


He initially didn't notice and continued on for another lap. Pink then added "I'm serious!" to the sign, prompting Hart to pull over and accept, before he went on to finish the race.

The pair married a year later in Costa Rica in January 2006, in front of 100 guests.

"We wanted it very fun and nontraditional. We're spiritual, but we're not religious. It was about being with our closest friends and family, and having a very fun and loose party," Carey told People at the time.


Two years later, in February 2008, the singer confirmed the pair had separated.

"The most important thing for you all to know is that Carey and I love each other so, so much. This breakup is not about cheating, anger, or fighting. I know it sounds like cliché [expletive], but we are best friends, and we will continue to be," a statement from the singer read.

"All I know at this point is that I want to make the best album I can, and Carey wants to do the best possible job he can with everything he has going on.

"He is a good man, so please support him as well. One never knows the future, but mine and Carey's just might involve beach babies and sunshine one day. Just not right now. Thanks for the concern and caring. X Miss P."

During their separation, in August 2008, tragedy struck Hart's family when his younger brother died in a motorcycle accident.

Though they weren't together, Pink supported Hart through the loss, and the pair reignited their relationship 11 months after their split, when Hart asked Pink to fly to Los Angeles to perform at his club. While there, she invited him to her room and showed him sentimental items, including a photo album of the cards he had given her as well as photos that documented the course of their relationship.

"Eleven months after we broke up, he asked me to fly to Las Vegas to perform on New Year's Eve at his club," she later said to Redbook.

"After sound check, I told him that he needed to come to my room. I had made him a photo album of all the cards he had ever given me, of all the photos of our entire relationship. I spent months on this album. On the last page, I pasted a photo of me from a really bad movie I made years ago with my neck slit and blood everywhere. Next to it I wrote, 'This is me without you.' On the next page, there was a picture of a baby. And I wrote: 'The rest is unwritten.' The divorce papers that we never signed were behind that page. I was like, 'The rest is up to you.' And I did all of this in his favourite bra and panties."


Pink also cited her track 'So What' as something that led to their reconciliation (yes, the single that has lyrics like "You're a tool" and "I'm not gonna pay his rent"). Despite the negative lines about Hart, he took it all on the chin, with Pink telling the Los Angeles Times in October 2023, "It was part of what got Carey and I back together."

Their separation never led to a formal divorce and by 2009, the pair were officially back together again.

In November 2010, Pink announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she and Hart were expecting their first child and in June 2011, their daughter, Willow Sage Hart, was born.

In December 2016, they welcomed son Jameson Moon.

Pink, Carey Hart, Willow and Jameson in 2022. Image: Getty.


In a 2017 interview with The Guardianthe singer reflected on their relationship.

"There are moments where I look at [Hart] and he is the most thoughtful, logical, constant... he's like a rock. He's a good man. He's a good dad. He's just the kind of dad I thought he'd be and then some," she said.

"And then I'll look at him and go: I've never liked you. There's nothing I like about you. We have nothing in common. I don't like any of the s**t you like. I don't ever wanna see you again.

"Then two weeks later I'm like, 'things are going so good, you guys.' Then you'll go through times when you haven't had sex in a year.  [And you think] Is this bed death? Is this the end of it? Do I want him? Does he want me?

"Monogamy is work! But you do the work and it's good again."


Pink and Carey Hart with their children Willow and Jameson in 2023. Image: Instagram @pink.

In an interview with 60 Minutes that same year, she admitted to handing her wedding ring back to Hart every single night.

"We have learnt the art of communication. I don't hand my wedding ring back every night like I used to. Cause that's just dumb and I can't actually get it off," she told interviewer Allison Langdon.

Pink says the only reason they are still together is down to one thing: therapy.


"Carey and I have been in couples' counselling almost our entire [18] years that we’ve been together. It’s the only reason we’re still together," she said in 2019, via Instagram.

"He speaks Polish, I speak Italian, and she speaks both," Pink said of their counsellor. "We don’t speak the same language. We come from broken families, and we had no model of 'How are we supposed to keep this family together and live this crazy life?' And there’s no book that says, 'Here’s how to do this.' So we go to counselling, and it works."

In 2021, Pink showed even more of herself and her family in the Prime Video documentary, Pink: All I Know So Far. 

The singer's life during her 'Beautiful Trauma' tour is shared with stark honesty, as she juggles motherhood, her career and her relationship with Hart.

"I always wanted to be a rock star and I dreamed of being a mum," she says in the doco. "And now to have my family, my team, my fans here with me, this is beyond my wildest dreams."

Hart also felt lucky to show another side to himself, telling The Ellen DeGeneres Show ahead of its release, "I'm kind of glad I got to show a little bit of my vulnerable side as a father.

"I'm perceived as being this wild, crazy, motorcycle, tattooed scumbag," he added. "So it's kind of nice for people to see my softer side."

But 2021 was to rock the family with tragedy again, making the year Pink's father, Jim Moore, died of prostate cancer after an eight-year-long battle. 


The loss prompted her to write a song about her grief, which she called 'When I Get There'.

“When that song was sent to me, I was very numb. I don’t grieve in a normal way, like how I see other people grieve," she told Woman's Health UK in 2023.

"They have such instant access to their grief, it seems. I just kind of go numb. It takes me a really long time to unpack that suitcase, and that song was part of the unpacking. I heard it and I thought 'That’s my song.'"

Then, soon after, the family suddenly lost their nanny Trish, also to cancer.

"I kind of feel like we were walking around with this low-level trauma that some of us were aware of and some of us weren’t," Pink said on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

"[Trish] was one of the loves of our life... and so my youngest – talking about this makes me cry – [my son] Jameson will walk around the kitchen and go, 'Hey, Grandpa, hey, Trish.'"

In January 2024, Pink and Hart celebrated 18 years together. But in an Instagram post, the singer confessed they "almost didn't make it" to this milestone. 


"Love is a lifetime of coming back to the table. We almost didn’t make it to this one, well a couple of them, if I’m being honest," she wrote. 

"When I met you, 22 years ago, I just wanted someone that wouldn’t lie to me. I didn’t have a clue about commitment, building a life together, intimacy, trust. It’s f**king hard. But man if I’m not humbled by the surprise of loyalty, history, forgiveness and resilience. How love rearranges itself and reappears after an empty night or five. I’m proud we made it to the other side of this year. I wear our scars proudly. You are my stubborn, beautiful, immovable rock.

"The family we’ve built and the stories we have weaved together and the memories we continue to make are worth more than a thousand million awards that anyone could give me. 

"I love you and I love us."

Feature Image: Getty.

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