A woman named Gina noticed a peculiar detail about how men sleep. And... she's spot on.


We need to talk about boys. Boys and pillows, specifically.

Has anyone ever noticed that men always have flat pillows? Have you ever wondered why?

One Twitter user did this week and it sparked a furious internet debate, because of course it did.

“Every man I know sleeps with flat pillows,” user Gina Guillotine wallowed, before asking “where are the fluffy pillow men”.

1. SAME and 2. why have we never discussed this before?

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Gina, for bringing this to our attention.

The tweet divided users, with people fessing up to either being team flat (um, no) or team fluffy. People got technical, people got angry, and some men even stepped forward to claim the title of a ‘fluffy pillow man’. We believe them to be liars.

Behold some of the best tweets below:





(Okay, we like Alex, he can stay).

The original poster perfectly summed it up with this:


One question remains unanswered: where are the fluffy pillow men? We demand to know.