The women of Australia were exposed to the Honey Badger's brother and Twitter got thirsty.

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On Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor, the women of Australia were exposed to the Honey Badger’s brother – Jacob Badger Cummins.

And we approved.

We’ve already tracked him down on Instagram – for erm… professional reasons – and judging from his 264 photos, Nick’s younger brother is a fan of beer, sunsets, fishing and rugby.

I guess some things run in the family.

#Fishing #afternoon #stavanger #Norway

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Some fans immediately dubbed him the “domesticated Badger” because of his (comparatively) groomed hair and more… shall we say, low-key personality, while others were immediately attracted to his face.

Which they liked very much.

To be fair, throughout the episode, we also saw him comfort a confused and addled Cass, while offering a nugget or two of actually pretty good advice. So points for emotional maturity, but back to his face please.


Here are some of the thirsty, thirsty tweets, that pretty much sum up the collective mood.





And you know what? Same, guys… same.

What are your thoughts on Jacob Badger? Thoughts in the comments please.

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