How Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman accidentally leaked some huge celebrity news.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are those embarrassing parents who make out in front of your friends at a birthday party. 

They're that couple who give each other back scratches in the middle of a busy restaurant when one senses the other is feeling stressed.

These two A-listers — who are among some of the most recognisable people in the world — are incredibly in love and do not hide away from showing us, telling us or continuously trying to prove it to us. 

Which brings me to the entire point of this story: How far must one's love for another go before it impedes on an entirely different relationship?

If you're confused, allow me to explain. 

Basically, Urban and his wife Kidman — but mostly just Urban — are official celebrity leakers and it's all because they wanted to show off how in love they are. And because of this simple fact, they are now essentially the new TMZ

In a new video on TikTok with his wife, the musician recorded both of them dancing at Taylor Swift's concert on May 14 in Philadelphia.

The clip has since gone viral and raked in over four million views and almost 900,000 likes — but the reason as to why has nothing to do with either Kidman or Urban. 

But rather for what was going on behind them.

Watch the clip of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban dancing at a Taylor Swift concert here. Post continues after video. 

Video via TikTok.

Unintentionally, the country singer recorded actor Bo Burnham and singer Phoebe Bridgers kissing in the background. In 24 short seconds, Urban was able to confirm the pair's relationship after months of speculation regarding if they are dating or not. 

In the clip, we see Bridgers and Burnham in a tight embrace before leaning in close together for a smooch.

Bridgers joined the group later in the night after performing as the opener for Swift's concert. She's been the opening act during other dates on The Eras Tour, too. 

Bo Burnham is a comedian and actor. Image: Supplied.


We first heard rumours about Bridgers and Burnham following the singer's supposed split from Normal People actor (and the love of everyone's life in 2020) Paul Mescal. 

That same month, Bridgers featured in SZA's new song 'Ghost in the Machine', where she seems to sing about an argument that took place at The Ludlow Hotel in New York City. 

"You said all of my friends are on my payroll. You're not wrong, you're an a**hole," she sings in the song. "Screaming at you in the Ludlow. I was yours for free."

She also sings about being "on my own in an airport bar or hotel lobby". 

In an interview with NME, Bridgers said the lyrics were written recently, leaving fans to speculate she was singing about her split from Mescal.

Image: Getty.


The pair began dating in 2020 after Bridgers tweeted about how she felt after watching Normal People. 

"Finished normal people and now I’m sad and horny oh wait," she wrote. 

The actor then replied, "I'm officially dead", before Bridgers wrote back, "nooo don’t die your so talented aha".

Over a year later, they made their relationship official on Instagram in December 2021 when Bridgers shared a selfie of the pair.

The couple kept their relationship private over the years, however, Mescal did open up about his unnamed girlfriend in a November 2020 interview with GQ Magazine.

"To have someone to lean on through such a mad, mad time has been invaluable. Really, I don’t know where I’d be without her," he explained. 

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The couple were rumoured to be engaged before their supposed breakup. 

While we don't really know if Bridgers and Burnham are dating (although I'm leaning towards a definite yes), we do know that Keith Urban is absolutely in love with his wife. And we'll be deferring to him as the source of all future celeb gossip.

Feature Image: TikTok @keithurban.

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