The 40-second video that has me convinced that Taylor Swift is absolutely dating Matt Healy.

Stop what you're doing because there's an emergency. The very important kind. 

It involves two celebrities, two audience recordings, and a love story.

Just last month, Entertainment Tonight reported that Taylor Swift and actor Joe Alwyn had broken up. A source at the time said they'd split amicably "a few weeks ago," and "the relationship had just run its course".

It was sad because they'd been together six years and their lives, inevitably, were intertwined. Alwyn had written on a number of Swift's recent songs, and it was presumed he was the muse for her latest albums. When news of the breakup was made public, Swift was already on the US leg of her Eras Tour, performing music that no doubt reminded her of him.


Then, a rumour started circulating

Swift was, apparently, dating F1 driver Fernando Alonso. This was based on a) an anonymous email to gossip blog Deuxmoi and b) precisely nothing else. It felt made up, probably because it was, and everyone had a lovely time imagining Taylor Swift taking over the F1.

Then, another rumour started circulating. It seemed equally as random, equally as speculative: Taylor Swift was dating The 1975 frontman, Matt Healy. 


Now, if you're not familiar with Matt Healy, he's known for being erratic on stage and generally courting controversy. The man has eaten raw meat during a performance and Sir, do you have a tapeworm? He's kissed fans during shows and sucked on their fingers, which feels unhygienic.

In March 2016, during an interview, he described the idea of dating Taylor Swift as a "de-masculinating, emasculating thing". 

Which is awkward. Because I'm 99 per cent sure he is currently dating Taylor Swift.

The original rumour also came from Deuxmoi, as well as a series of tabloid reports.

Sources told the ever-reliable publication The Sun that Swift and Healy were "madly in love", even though they'd been together for less than two months.

"It’s super-early days, but it feels right," the source said. "They first dated, very briefly, almost 10 years ago but timings just didn’t work out."

That's what Healy had been responding to in the 2016 interview – the 'flirtation' he'd previously had with Swift that hadn't progressed to anything more serious. 

The Sun report also claimed that Swift and Alwyn's breakup actually occurred in February, and there was no crossover between Alwyn and Healy. 

Okay, I thought. Lovely. Cool. But I still don't believe it.


I was certain this was just another celebrity rumour. 


Over the weekend, I saw a clip of Matt Healy at Taylor Swift's Nashville show. It's reported he attended both her Nashville shows, which in and of itself isn't evidence of anything. Any normal person offered a ticket would go to see Swift, even if they happen to be an indie musician who isn't typically seen dancing to 'Shake It Off'.

But a fan captured something else.

During a performance of 'Cardigan', Swift looked straight down the barrel of the camera and mouthed: "This is about you, you know who you are. I love you."


Okay. That could be about anyone, right? Her mum. Her cat/s. Her best friend. Except...

Matt Healy mouthed the exact same thing just last week during a concert in the Philippines.

You simply must watch this TikTok and then explain how it could possibly be a coincidence. 

@venusdaydreams this is either a hilarious comittment to the bit, super romantic, or my worst nightmare! #the1975tiktok #taylorswift #mattyhealy1975 #swifttok #mattyhealyedit #taylorandmatty ♬ original sound

I'm absolutely certain this is evidence they're together, and it makes me feel things. Strange things. 

Some cynical fans say it might all be a stunt to promote an upcoming collaboration but I don't have time for analysis and strategy and suspicion. If I see two people telling each other – via a camera at two separate concerts – that they love each other, I'm going to believe it.

Generally, people are hoping the Taylor-Swift-Matt-Healy rumours aren't true. Maybe because of the tapeworm. But also because Healy has long had a reputation on the internet of being "problematic", while Swift doesn't.


Either this is an inception-level PR move that will make me feel very silly in a few days' time, or it's the beginning of a very high-profile love story.

I'm entirely obsessed, regardless. 

Feature image: TikTok.

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